L2-MHG #06 Your biggest insight?

Today’s PTO is: review each of the last five lessons and read the DFQ posts from other members.

This repetition is very important in this leadership training and will help you gain bigger and better insights so that you may begin to use them in your daily life, which is what this is all about.

In this leadership training, your day, every day, is your lab. You try to experiment each day with the ideas from your DFQ. It’s not just theory, it’s all about how you experiment and try to APPLY the theory in your life that day.

DFQ #06:
After doing today’s PTO, have a think and in less than 100 words, write about what is the BIGGEST INSIGHT you have had in your own thinking so far as you try to apply these last five lessons into your everyday life.

8 thoughts on “L2-MHG #06 Your biggest insight?

  1. The biggest insight I have had with the first 5 lessons is the thought process involved when looking at the decision making. I now am able to adjust my response to a given stuation by either employing a T4T strategy which ultimately works very strongly with dominant and agressive personalities. This is something I deal with on a daily basis and this response works very well and is very simple.

  2. Having grown up in an era of manners and courtesy, I realize that I have been shortchanging myself in this game of life. Seeing ‘game theory’ as merely having a competitive edge over another and choosing to step back rather then decisively moving forward, leaves your opponent in a superior position.
    The strategies of leadership have allowed me to step forward and PTO, to step into the game with the intention of winning. Not just me but all concerned, but me, absolutely!

  3. The dominant strategy lesson is the piece of this training that I have found most useful. The application of this strategy on a daily basis has given me the availability of quick high level insights on the current situation/game I’m involved in. I’ve been able to apply this strategy at work in order to get ontop the current game that is taking place in my business unit. I’ve been able to communicate more effectively with my new manager. I’ve been assigned new projects, that previously were given to other players in my department.

  4. My biggest insight is the “I-Win” strategy where I can be successful by playing I-Win without anyone having to lose or fail. I liked the fact that you can be successful in life:
    – without my mate having to fail;
    – without my customer having to lose; and
    – without my neighbour having to suffer.

    In fact I am in a business now where this philosophy prevails, and it is amazing how much winning we have when we are not focusing on others losing…

  5. I am not conscious enough of my decision making strategy with any consistency – that’s why sometimes I make really good decisions and other times I make much less better (bad!) decisions. I need to become more aware of what the payoff is for me and others and not just doing something because I think it sounds like a good idea.

  6. My biggest insight is T 4 T ..a strategy I should use more in my personal life and not try to keep the peace at any price.

    I am now clearer about my motives when “giving people a win” …whilst running a sales business .It was a sound strategy to use … humiliating on occasions; yet it was less damaging for the business and the staff in the long run.

    I should not however have let this strategy of “giving people a win” and “turning the other cheek” dominate in my personal life.

    Onward and upward

    “Survival to the next game is always the BIG imperative”

  7. My biggest insight in terms of the application of the last five lessons is the difference between moral and intuitive thinking that I have been exposed to from a Western cultural perspective and strategic thinking in the context of Game Theory.

    A decision making strategy that I have adopted and applied as a result of this training Tit-4-Tat.

  8. The biggest insight I have had in my own thinking so far as applying the lessons of Level 2 Leadership Training (and Game Theory) is the difference between you-lose and I-win. Intuitively, this has been something that seemed quite achievable (no other need “lose” in the game of life); now it is a scientific theory!

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