L2-MHG #01 How did you apply Level One?

A leadership thinker is both a wo/man of thinking AND a wo/man of action.

As a leadership thinker, start off Level Two today by giving a strong practical example of a specific benefit or measureable outcome you have taken away from your Level One training. Describe your thinking and your action and the result.

Level One training explored two military leadership training concepts.
The Pipeline and
Peel The Orange.

As you think about your example make it practical. Not just subjective feelings (which are important and valuable) but here we are focusing on specifics and metrics.

DFQ #01 – Specific Benefit or Measureable Outcome:

– What specific benefit did you get?

– What measureable outcome did you get?

6 thoughts on “L2-MHG #01 How did you apply Level One?

  1. Specifically the PTO concept allowed me to disect some work processes which were repeatative and time consuming. After working with my team to rehearse these specific process we have reduced time spent on these tasks by about 50%.

  2. Certainly PTO was the biggest jump for me. The specific benefit has been that I am working with my leadership group to better establish training programs that will lay the foundations for people to take PTO action. The only measurable outcome yet is that the team has embraced the principle, measurement is still to come (and is planned)

  3. I have gained the knowledge, awareness, and practice of The Pipeline and Peel the Orange and have begun acknowledging their benefit in my daily life.

    In light of this awareness, I have completed a reorganization of my personal space, and have put in place a more systematic approach to completing previously “tedious” tasks (this is why we have such variety of preferences. Some people actually like this stuff!). I will certainly complete more this year by simply committing to The Pipeline in whatever strategy moves me.

  4. The leader letter was measurable and also of benefit to me, the writer as it assisted my understanding
    The response took some days however the recipient told me he was encouraged by it and the result has been a better relationship.

  5. I notice myself more often PTO – I think ‘just do it’ without immediately questioning (something I know I would have done in the past). After I finished the training I would say I noticed this occuring at least once a day, now it is more of a habit so I probably notice once a week.

  6. Specific Benefit: I developed a better understanding of how to deal with a ‘Nasty’ counterparty in business through the Game Theory portion of Level One training.
    Measurable Outcome: I matched his ‘Nasty’ with ‘Nasty’ (i.e. T4T) on two subsequent occasions during our interaction and he suddenly changed his behaviour more towards ‘Nice’. I’ll now match his new behaviour with ‘Nice’ to see how he responds.

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