ATLC #21 – Act of will

Congratulations on completing these past few months of Advanced Thought Leadership Training. You have completed The Pipeline!

At the beginning you said “I will enter” the pipeline. This decision was an exercise in making an act of will. It was an exercise in making a commitment and then keeping that commitment.

The time and effort you have invested in developing your willpower and your commitment to exploring and experimenting with the Pipeline and the Orange leadership tools will bring its own rewards.

How you use these ideas in your own life is, of course, now up to you. This is just a fresh opportunity for you to design a bvs in your life.


As always, SOT training is offered on an opt-in/opt-out basis.

As you would expect, you get out of it what you put into it. Although the training is the same for everyone, it is interesting to see how different people take different things away from this training. What do you think that you will take away?

DFQ#21 Take Away Value:

If you were to tell a friend what you think is the most important thing you have taken away from this Advanced Thought Leadership Training, what would you say it was for you personally? What difference (if any) do you think it will make in your life?

260 thoughts on “ATLC #21 – Act of will

  1. everything starts with a why. if you understand why you are committing you will remain committed.
    I have learnt that strategic thought is a commitment and a decision. you can remain reliant of your current thought patterns or you can commit to a BVS.

  2. The most important thing that I have learnt from this training is the 2 thinking techniques of BVS and PTO. Basically to develop new techniques when dealing with ideas and problems and be mindful that there is other alternatives out there then the first thing that you think.

  3. The pipeline concept, I know that if I make a commitment that I will ALWAYS honor it, and I know a lot of people like this. It also shows the integrity of a person if they make a commitment and then don’t honor it are they someone you really want on your team.

  4. It makes me realise that my different thinking and questioning I do constantly is actually a good thing. I have been asked by managers to cut down on it and tow the line just to meet objectives. Don’t question it, just do it I have been told. Now they might also see that a BVS can be a good things and stop being stuck in the CVS.

  5. I just think the whole thing is thought provoking! It challenges us to delve deeper into things and try to come up with a better solution or answer.
    In my life I think it will remind me that no matter how much I think into something, there is always other ways to look at it.

  6. one of the most important things I have learnt from this training is to think outside the square ,at least consider other things rather than my first initial reaction is the correct has me considering things I would have never even thought of before.

  7. Just starting the thought process of what could make this situation better for any situation that isn’t the best already. Especially those situations you wouldn’t normally think twice about and would just accept that that’s the way they are.

  8. I think the most important thing for me is the leadership skill of “Peel The Orange”, which is the skill of being able to carry out appropriate instructions, without question, on command.(and not always that easy !) There are many other skills that I am thankful to have learnt-cvs2bvs, pipeline ect but PTO will stay with me.

  9. I believe the most important lesson in the training is to keep thinking about a situation and use every thought technique you can to get to a bvs. Taking the status quo as gospel shows one to be ignorant of improvement and complacent. If we all stop defending our point of view and start listening to possibilities we will reach a state of hyper innovation.

    This lesson will help me achieve a higher standard of solutions in all aspects of my life.

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