ATLC #18 – Opportunities and Happiness

What are the three most important opportunities facing you in your business/career/life right now where you need to PTO?

What turns you on?

What are you ‘passionate’ (overused, I know) about?

What are your strengths?


Here are some examples listed by previous members:

– to buy some land
– to get a better job
– to help the sick and the poor
– to learn acting
– to start playing the piano again
– to grow their business; to go back to school
– to raise their income
– to give up smoking
– to improve their golf.

DFQ #18:
Choosing one of the three opportunity areas you thought of above give yourself an orange to peel. Complete (with who, when and where) the following sentence:

Regarding my (#1 opportunity) I will PTO ….

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  1. Regarding my Working For Myself Opportunity, I will start developing a business plan and website before arriving back home to begin working for myself.

  2. I would PTO 20 to 50 acres of land with running water that attracts wildlife. Time to steward the land. Life is good here; if you focus real hard! In the countryside quiet, need to acquire capital and invest in the land. Now, with real estate agent, look online , right now ,bye, Michael and friends.

  3. Regarding my opportunity to reconsuct my business I will find (or invent) non-typical, witty and effective business-model. I’ll fix the special time to study and think over the matter. (12.00-14.00 every day). I’ll try godsends straight away.

  4. Regarding my opportunity to motivate my teams, I will spend more time observing and communicating with them. I will identify areas of opportunity for them and ask them effective questions in order to get them to start thinking of BVS to improve themselves. This will not only improve themselves but also improve the business. This will inspire me!

  5. Regarding my opportunity to grow my business I will PTO with Bryan this week and set forward the company we are putting up. Put in motion my creativity to create products and Bryans consistancy to put out a productline into the world

  6. Regarding my opportunity to increase my income – I will develop a business plan to start an Internet based business with low start up costs and limited downside. It will be a business that exploits my passions and strengths. I will ‘Just do it”. I will keep at it – keep trying and changing direction and treat problems and setbacks as a learning experience. Who knows? – It might take a while – it might be successful sooner rather than later.We live in a high speed world of exponential change where amazing things can happen very quickly.

    I take as Inspiration the story of the Australian Steve Outtrim who started “Sausage Software” in the 1990’s with the hope of making 30 or 40 thousand dollars a year.He is smart – he was passionate about what he was doing – and the rest is history – Like Kerry Packer he sold out at the right time. Steve walked away with $51,000,000 within a few short years of the startup.

  7. I will PTO by enrolling myself in a web building course so I can build the online business I need to be truly independent of any client or location for my ongoing income.

  8. Regarding my opportunity to find a long term job, I will PTO with the contacts I´m working more often and make a formal proposition.

  9. Regarding my (#1 opportunity) I will PTO with the government agent, this spring, at their office, I will prepare myself by reading articles on this topic, and by communicating as usual with my husband.

  10. Work for the MS society as a volunteer. Help to support the research area in whatever I can. Do this for the next few years part- time.

  11. Regarding my opportunity to be a better husband and father, I will start immediately focusing in and making this issue a top priority and not shuffling it to the bottom of the list

  12. Regarding my wish to increase my retirement wealth I will explore further opportunities to add value to my portfolio by looking for other investment opportunities

  13. Regarding my opportunity to ensure saving for a house. Huge Priority in my life at this stage.

  14. Regarding my passion for health and well being (this being a complete turn around from where my body was five years ago), I will PTO by looking at a business opportunity that promotes these values. A take on healthy hospitality, not just healthy food, but lifestlye – Our industry is frought with people abusing their bodies in the name of work and this needs to change.

  15. Regarding my opportuniny to get a better job, I will PTO by setting up a meeting with the advertiser of the job I am targeting.

  16. Regarding my #1 opportunity – promoting an eBook I finished recently – I will now start promoting it (to companies rather than individuals) and will aim to contact at least one company every week from my contacts, networking events, and introductions from contacts.

    In fact I seized an opportunity not long after drafting this comment and another company has agreed to take a significant number of copies for their employees.

  17. Become a certified scrum master in my current job.
    Come up with a business idea that makes me independent of the job market.
    Write (& complete) something worth publishing.

    Regarding my writing, I will PTO by picking something I already have lying around & seeing it through – complete a book, pass it around, get some feedback from people I trust, make some contacts with the industry, & look at what it means to self-publish, if nothing better comes up.

  18. Regarding my desire to contribute in some meaningful way to improve the lives of some people, no matter how few, I will make a conscious effort to support a cause to achieve this.

  19. Regarding my opportunity to expand my creative abilities – for both copywriting (work) and music (my passion) I will PTO by devoting 2 hours each morning – split between “Whole Brain Training” – which includes ambidexterity training, and SACP training – which involves getting the 4 parts of the brain working in harmony – so goals are easily achieved.

  20. Regarding my opportunity i.e. my passion for acquiring & sharing knowledge; I will PTO with my ability to connect & engage people. I will further explore newer ways of getting into the people’s thoughts to be able to influence them & help them change to positiveness.

    I have already taken the first step by enrolling myself in courses which help further develop my abilities & skills.

    I have initiated the process by scheduling reading sessions on daily basis to catch up with latest developments on human learning, the brain based learning.

  21. Regarding my opportunity to become outstanding in the field I have moved to recently, I will PTO by completing all the actions recommended to me by an expert by the end of the year.

  22. The opportunity that I am looking at is about ‘getting more knowledge on life through Vedanta (ancient indian scriptures)’. Regarding my opportunity about reading ‘Vedanta’ I will PTO by start doing research for courses on Vedanta and related sciences at any of the leading universities/school. I will start this right away and come out with a action plan on this. The research will be done on the internet and calling friends who may have knowledge in these areas.

  23. Regarding my #1 opportunity I will update and edit some of my old articles into fresh new pieces for posting on my expert page and official breathing guide section at

  24. Regarding my carreer opportunity, I will strive to consider new options for me to achieve happiness in a career move.

  25. Regarding the opportunity to change my career I will PTO to take advice from similiar colleagues who have already engaged similiar careers. I will set a timeline of 6 months and will engage experts wherever I can find them.

  26. In my view, my strength is knowledge in manufacturing and in order to cash in on it I would like to do a thorough business case analysis before setting up my own factory.

    – to raise their income,

    who – me
    How : additional and smart work outside except job
    where : in near by vicinity

  28. Opportunity: Increase my effectiveness by using X10 and NLP

    With whom: My business colleagues

    When: When working with the project team on objectives and communicating tasks

    Where: In the Projects that I lead

  29. Regarding my opportunity to develop a great business opportunity in short amount of time I will be close to my professional and personal networks and let them what I am looking for and listen them carefully, do it part of my daily activities in all places where could develop good alternatives (BVS).

  30. I will contact Richard Branson about a new way to ensure safe internet useage for his satelite system which should dominate the internet soon!

  31. Regarding my opportunity to improve my finances, I will meet with a financial planner recommended by business associates in my town by the middle of January and develop a strategy for the best way to maximize my income by the middle of February.

  32. Regarding my online training course, I will finish creating the course, setup the membership site, and do a beta test for segments of my market.

  33. Regarding my #1 PTO Opportunity, to initiate and facilitate the establishment of a community based health programme for 1000 persons by March 31, 2015

  34. Regarding my opportunity to learn improved thinking skills I will Document reflect on all lessons learned, compare them to other thinking resources, and look for circumstances, and examples in which they can be applied.

    with students, or anyone else that may be willing to listen
    when I’m substitute teaching, or when the opportunities arise
    where in class rooms (school or adult training), at home, or Toastmasters.

  35. Regarding my partnership opportunity, I will work with my partner to grow the businesses of my clients and therefore increase the total revenue I receive as a percentage of profits. I am already working on this, and will continue in through January and February.

  36. Regarding my (#1 opportunity) I will PTO work on a communication plan of engaging with the universities and also get in touch with the vendors with the idea of setting up of training centers .

  37. Regarding opportunity I will improve my thinking skills, so that I can be a leader in the market., through x10 thinking.

  38. Regarding my (#1 opportunity), I want to devise the idea of founding an educational centre of different directions. I am inclined to work in the sphere of education. It would help me to make my children independent mentally…Teach them and other pupils to listen to their thinking, correct their thinking, improve their thinking…Starting it alone might be difficult, so I think about my former groupmate who can help me with it.

  39. Regarding my #1 opportunity to secure a role where I can add most value, develop my full potential and remove my current frustration levels – I will work with my family, friends and mentors over the coming months to get their perspective, viewpoints (BVS) of what they believe my strengths are, combine these with my CVS (in terms of what I see as my core strengths) and then find the optimum vehicle/role to deliver the desired outcome.

  40. Regarding my opportunity to grow my business I will update immediately the image on my website that is dated and ugly. A new image will attract more customers for sure.

  41. Regarding my #1 opportunity, I will PTO on writing for religious publications.
    I have started an article and have a mentor to read it when it feels complete.
    I will continue writing as I remove the obstacle/problems that I’m not good enough, etc.
    This is not a problem it is an OPPORTUNITY.

  42. Regarding my opportunity orange I will create renewables development in Australia and the world as long as it is my path and spend every moment in the centre of uncertainty so I do not get in the way. I will stay in my seat, own this and get it done by staying out of the way.

  43. Manage the contact centre teams through the current managerial change
    Who: my colleague team leader, 3 senior agents and 15 agents
    When: continually hour by hour each day
    Where: at scheduled group meetings individual sessions and ad hoc meetings

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