ATLC #18 – Opportunities and Happiness

What are the three most important opportunities facing you in your business/career/life right now where you need to PTO?

What turns you on?

What are you ‘passionate’ (overused, I know) about?

What are your strengths?


Here are some examples listed by previous members:

– to buy some land
– to get a better job
– to help the sick and the poor
– to learn acting
– to start playing the piano again
– to grow their business; to go back to school
– to raise their income
– to give up smoking
– to improve their golf.

DFQ #18:
Choosing one of the three opportunity areas you thought of above give yourself an orange to peel. Complete (with who, when and where) the following sentence:

Regarding my (#1 opportunity) I will PTO ….

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  1. Regarding my plan to patent and develop an interesting idea I have related to tensegrity structures, I will hire a patent attorney next week and sketch out a timetable for getting the drawings and narrative ready by the end of January.

  2. Regarding my passion to helping mankind (giving back ), I will PTO with regards to my learning and development of the SOT concepts so that I then teach this knowledge with others.

  3. writing a novel:
    well first i will have to sit down and talk to my room mate as I will need her help to begin.
    I think next week would do really good as I should be more calmer-though if I get any calmer I’d be dead!
    here at my place because I don’t want any interference as I always get when I start something new. Thats why it doesn’t go very far before I loose interest( trying to have everyone leave me alone so I can get work done on the novel. this will be attempt #4)

  4. Regarding my opportunity to create more business…. therefore more money in my life, I will PTO:
    >On contacting my previous clients more often. (they are now my friends)….
    >On Starting a referral reward program….
    >On scheduling more homebuyer classes (I teach these classes)
    >On postcard campaigns for attracting people who want to buy/sell a home…
    >On my website to attract more home buyers….
    >On having fun while I work….

  5. My PTO for Monday is to organize, automate and fine tune my marketing/publishing business. Keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t.

  6. Regarding my opportunity to Raise my income I will increase my skills and knowledge in my present career to receive that long awaited promotion
    just investing 20 minutes a day to improve a given skills will make lasting improvement

  7. Will agree shooting script for tv program. This is next step and far more effective than worryin about/planning goals which are much further down the line. Will do this tomorrow, with two partners at meeting in my house.

  8. Regarding my desire to excel in my profession, I will increase my knowledge and skill by completing at least one training program by the end of the year. I will read at least 3 books in my profession by year end. I will mentor someone so that I can teach and I will observe the best and the brightest in my field so that I can learn. I will endeavor to learn at least one new thing everyday. In this way I shall accomplish my goal of being the best that I can be.

  9. Regarding my opportunity to deliver Training to a Disabled client at work, I will follow through and PTO. When i complete her Learning Program I will follow insructions to the letter to enable me to diversify my training. To enable competency for this student I will change the assessment tools as required to ensure the performance criteria have been covered. I will ensure my training is fair to the student, flexible, reliable and valid.

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