ATLC #05 – More on Leadership Thinking


In addition to Escape + Search = Think leadership thinking can also incorporate 6 principles which we emphasise. I have encouraged trainers and leaders to understand and master the Six CAP Principles.

Now click through and read about these six CAP principles and try to explore in your own mind the value of each of these ideas, then come back and do today’s DFQ.

DFQ #05:

Choose one of the six CAP principles, and say why you think a better understanding of that principle will help you to become a much better leader.

NOTE: After you post your comment today you’ve completed 5 DFQs and the first week of the 4 weeks of the 30-day Pipeline. That’s good. It means you are already establishing new cognitive patterns. Keep it up!

You may have noticed that I sent you 1 lesson a day for 3 days then missed a day. After this lesson, I’ll miss another day and then send you lesson #6 which starts the second week. That means you get 5 DFQs every 7 days.

295 thoughts on “ATLC #05 – More on Leadership Thinking

  1. Principle 4: Committment to action. Being able to effectively distil the information to impart which is usable and to action it in a way which progresses the ultimate aim.

  2. 4. Commitment to Action.

    This is the hardest part.

    I’ve attended and given countless training hours and, while I’ve learned something along the way, and hopefully, some of the people I taught did too, nothing compares with acting on the knowledge given and received.

    One’s ability to transform such knowledge into actions is not always taught nor obvious. It is therefore crucial to finish each lessons with ‘actionable points’ if you’re teaching, or ask that questions if you’re being taught to.

    Understanding and applying that principles daily would make us better leaders.

  3. 1. Learning By Teaching: I find this principle something that I should work on as I get impatient trying to explain stuff , I assume knowledge and this restricts my learning .
    Also I think principle is important because it will make ( force me!) to acknowledge that different people have different perspective and background .It is important to understand the diverse thinking !

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