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  1. just suppose money was no object
    this would be very liberating and maybe catastrophic I suspect for me it would be the first

  2. Just suppose…I could talk out my programming ideas and a recording program not only transcribed them to text, but could format it nicely into pseudocode so that the code structure was already there, I just needed to add the code?

    Just suppose…I did all the exercise I needed, ate all the right foods, slept at the right times for the right amount, without feeling constrained or bored? Suppose I did these things while feeling incredibly free and happy?

  3. Just suppose I created the perceived obstacle. What was I trying to achieve?

    Just suppose food wasn’t the enemy? And exercise was my friend….

  4. Just suppose I could produce a couple of new income streams, invest well & be spending most of my time on hobbies & passions rather than work.

  5. Just suppose if we could tap into all the operational technical knowledge and come up with the next big thing in health solutions.

  6. I sometimes ask myself – Just suppose I only have one more year to live, have I lived my life the way I want to live it? This helps me stay on track with experiecing and living life in the present rather than get caught up with chasing whats in the future.

  7. Just suppose I did increased my exercise level with enjoyable pursuits, how much bette would I sleep and therefore how much more puoductive would I be.

  8. Just suppose I didn’t have to work but was rich and I could spend my time pursuing helping others to rebuild their lives and become whatever they wanted to be or do.

  9. JUST SUPPOSE all intended Mums and Dads were to make parenting their TOP priority (ie. giving lots of attention, showing lots of affection, teaching respect, self awareness and determination) => 99.9% of world’s problems solved.

  10. Just suppose we found a new way to empower customers to make their own decisions, as opposed to feeling ‘forced’ into something

  11. used in appropriate situations is helpful. Just imagine is the same as “just suppose” and John Lennon wrote a pretty good song about it. Used well !!!

  12. The part of my life that could benefit from a new approach would be in the area of providing feedback. For example, I recently provided feedback (via a star rating system) to a freelance designer about a completed project. In response to my feedback, the freelancer the star rating I gave was unjust and requested I change the star rating to a higher specific number. I just supposed that I was a lecturer being asked by a student to review the mark I had just given for a submitted piece of work. I then asked myself how would a lecturer respond to such a request. I replied in a way a lecturer would, that is, it is ok to request a review of the star rating because you feel it was unjust, however, requesting a “specific number” is unethical and bad form and to please not do this again. I review the star rating again and assigned my own number I thought was appropriate. It was a slight increase.

  13. My golf game. I have been playing the same way for many years with no improvement. If I am going to improve I need to change my approach to getting lessons, practice, attitude, physical fitness including flexibility, and others aspects of my approach to the game. If I change nothing I cannot expect to improve.

  14. the business aspect of my life could change a lot if i can only really suppose other business ideas and if i can actualiza it all

  15. just suppose I would have x10 more work in a three months time what would I need to do now to prepare?

    just suppose that I needed to attract x10 more work in three months time what would I do now to prepare?

  16. Just suppose I could track my mind as I make decisions over a day. Then I could visualise the decision tree that caused me to make that particular decision later on that day to review. i.e. I might like to know the balance of historical memories (inc. what context those decisions were made in) and my current situation (emotions, tangible inputs etc..) that led to the decision to identify the biases or automatic patterns that led to the decision.

  17. Just suppose that I could see into the future and see what my circumstances would be in 10 or 20 years from now.

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