456 thoughts on “#015 JUST SUPPOSE

  1. I Suppose I am a book !!
    I have an open question to my author.. why did you give me such a “title”??

  2. Just suppose I had $500,000,000 in my saving account. What would I be doing with my life at that point?

  3. Just suppose that I could see into the future and see what my circumstances would be in 10 or 20 years from now.

  4. Just suppose I could track my mind as I make decisions over a day. Then I could visualise the decision tree that caused me to make that particular decision later on that day to review. i.e. I might like to know the balance of historical memories (inc. what context those decisions were made in) and my current situation (emotions, tangible inputs etc..) that led to the decision to identify the biases or automatic patterns that led to the decision.

  5. just suppose I would have x10 more work in a three months time what would I need to do now to prepare?

    just suppose that I needed to attract x10 more work in three months time what would I do now to prepare?

  6. Just suppose I have an ability to be where I want at that minute. I’ll be able to make a difference…

  7. the business aspect of my life could change a lot if i can only really suppose other business ideas and if i can actualiza it all

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