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  1. My golf game. I have been playing the same way for many years with no improvement. If I am going to improve I need to change my approach to getting lessons, practice, attitude, physical fitness including flexibility, and others aspects of my approach to the game. If I change nothing I cannot expect to improve.

  2. The part of my life that could benefit from a new approach would be in the area of providing feedback. For example, I recently provided feedback (via a star rating system) to a freelance designer about a completed project. In response to my feedback, the freelancer the star rating I gave was unjust and requested I change the star rating to a higher specific number. I just supposed that I was a lecturer being asked by a student to review the mark I had just given for a submitted piece of work. I then asked myself how would a lecturer respond to such a request. I replied in a way a lecturer would, that is, it is ok to request a review of the star rating because you feel it was unjust, however, requesting a “specific number” is unethical and bad form and to please not do this again. I review the star rating again and assigned my own number I thought was appropriate. It was a slight increase.

  3. used in appropriate situations is helpful. Just imagine is the same as “just suppose” and John Lennon wrote a pretty good song about it. Used well !!!

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