456 thoughts on “#015 JUST SUPPOSE

  1. Just suppose I thought that the innovative concept would actually work far beyond what I could imagine!!

  2. Just suppose we found a new way to empower customers to make their own decisions, as opposed to feeling ‘forced’ into something

  3. JUST SUPPOSE all intended Mums and Dads were to make parenting their TOP priority (ie. giving lots of attention, showing lots of affection, teaching respect, self awareness and determination) => 99.9% of world’s problems solved.

  4. Just suppose I didn’t have to work but was rich and I could spend my time pursuing helping others to rebuild their lives and become whatever they wanted to be or do.

  5. Just suppose I did increased my exercise level with enjoyable pursuits, how much bette would I sleep and therefore how much more puoductive would I be.

  6. I sometimes ask myself – Just suppose I only have one more year to live, have I lived my life the way I want to live it? This helps me stay on track with experiecing and living life in the present rather than get caught up with chasing whats in the future.

  7. Just suppose if we could tap into all the operational technical knowledge and come up with the next big thing in health solutions.

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