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  1. Just suppose it was possible to develop a digital means of graphically displaying memories and experiences – real life movies! With this capability just suppose that using this aid it was easier to “put an old head on young shoulders” enabling the next generation to avoid repeating the same mistakes made by the previous generation(rework). Just suppose this theory ‘Optimised time binding’ if put into practice resulted in significantly increasing the opportunities to accelerate mankind’s ability to develop intellectually towards a greater purpose, whilst at the same time beginning to repair the damage that previous generations have already left behind with regard to the place we all call home, Earth!

  2. My just suppose is not very exotic. Just suppose that I stopped work for an extended period to consider my next move. Having never stopped work for more than 4 weeks since high school, it is hard to imagine what life would be like. So much of one’s identity comes from what one does. What is one’s identity if he does very little? The day dream inevitably comes back to practical issues like financial security and then the dream is passed.

  3. Suppose I could take what I’m learning and assimilate it into a business which would add value to clients both here and overseas

    Suppose you created a synthetic microbe engineered to seek out and dissolve plastics in the ocean.

  4. Suppose as I was financially free, what would I do differently?

    The answer is not much. I’d do what I do today but better. I’d help people more, invest in more potential businesses to help someone achieve their dreams, mentor more, write more, travel more.

  5. Suppose I am the Minister of Education …
    We stop ideological debates on what would be the best and we open a time of experimentation in the only laboratory that is worth: the classes of schools, colleges and lycées. To take just one example, which is a lot of ink, learning to read: assume that voluntary teachers, supporters of different methods are encouraged to practice them fully in their classes for a year, so that that we can really reflect on the results obtained, all other things being equal, and then eventually take direction for the future or, at least, make recommendations. Of course, there is no question whether the results are not the ones expected or even promised, there is no question of rejecting the responsibility for the children and their alleged difficulties. Pedagogical freedom must be accompanied by accountability for results. This proposal is only an overview, I have many others for when I will be Minister of National Education ….


    Supposons que je sois ministre de l’Éducation nationale …
    Nous arrêtons les débats idéologiques sur ce qui serait le mieux et nous ouvrons un temps d’expérimentation dans le seul laboratoire qui vaille : les classes des écoles, des collèges et des lycées. Pour ne prendre qu’un exemple, qui fait couler beaucoup d’encre, l’apprentissage de la lecture : supposons que des enseignants volontaires, partisans de différentes méthodes soient encouragés à les pratiquer pleinement dans leurs classes pendant une année, de manière à ce qu’on puisse réellement réfléchir sur les résultats obtenus, toutes choses égales par ailleurs, puis éventuellement, prendre des orientations pour l’avenir ou, au moins, formuler des recommandations. Bien entendu, pas question si les résultats ne sont pas ceux escomptés, voire promis, pas question d’en rejeter la responsabilité sur les enfants et leurs prétendues difficultés. La liberté pédagogique doit s’accompagner de la responsabilité quant aux résultats. Cette proposition n’est qu’un aperçu, j’en ai beaucoup d’autres pour quand je serai ministre de l’Éducation nationale….

  6. Just suppose I quit my job in UNDP and begin teaching thinking full time. It would be scary times I think. There will be a lot of financial insecurity, a lack of stability, almost sure failure. It would really be trying times for me personally. But it can also be an adventure, a great way to live.

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