Face to face (f2f) contact is better than online contact and online contact is better than no contact at all.

One of the three rights and responsibilities of a SISOT is the Monthly Meetup. The meetups are for free. The main benefit of the meetup is the opportunity for f2f contact with at least one other SOT member.

Since 1995 SOT has been mostly online except for my f2f work with clients. I’m delighted that we are now resuming our f2f meetings with local groups through The SISOT Society.

In the very early days of SOT in New York, Eric and I ran local meetups in various schools, community halls, hotels, cafes and restaurants around New York City. Within a few years there were  SOT groups meeting all around the USA.

T0 kickoff The SISOT Society and in support of this SISOT Idea, I have started the The StKilda Thinkers Group 3182 and we had our first meeting yesterday (Tuesday 24 November). One member attended and we had a great first meeting. We will have our meetings on the last Tuesday of every month and, over time, this may grow to a group of about ten members.

This is why the SISOT has his or her own local postcode — a geographical territory to focus on providing regular face to face contact for SOT members, old and new.

To retain the postcode a SISOT is expected to host one 120-minute meetup each month having f2f contact with at least one other SOT member.


To retain the postcode a SISOT must have a 120-minute meetup every month having f2f contact with at least one other SOT member. Why is this important?

32 thoughts on “IDEA #4 – F2F IN THE POSTCODE

  1. Of the QRH this is about both Quality and Recognition

    Quality because it promotes and maintains the organization’s existence. Without a meetup there is no activity, and with no activity there is only a concept.

    and Regocnition because it respects the value of all attending parties including the SISOT and the oganization itself. Recognition of the information to be taught, learned, and recognition of the hard work that MHG has done as the organization in developing the system and content.

  2. SISOT need to be sustained by the commitment to practice what we learn especially PRR, 6 Hats and QRH. These skills needs to be inprinted in the mind. The best tool to achieve this is the F2F.

    There are a lot more going in a F2F. The range of sensory based signals exchanged is much greater that any other mode of communication. The art of presenting information, teaching and have a conversation are all incredibly powerful tools to highten our thinking skills. You are also forced to think on your feet and benefit from dynamic interaction that occurs.

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