All SOT training is optional and it requires a personal act of will to participate.

SOT members opt-in if they choose to do so and they can opt-out at any time they want. There is no pressure or coercion of any kind. There are no rewards and no punishments. There is no guilt and no fear. There are no fees and no obligation between SOT and its members. There are many personal cognitive benefits for the members who do the training and there are none for those who do not.

There is no intrinsic value in being an SOT member. It is quite OK to not be interested in SOT and to not be interested in learning thinking. SOT members are not ‘saved’ and are no better or worse than anyone else.

SOT is an independent school of cognitive science. SOT is not a religion. SOT members are free to come and go as they please. SOT members are encouraged to invite friends and family members to join us if they wish and to respect their decision if they are not interested.

A qualified SISOT would probably have at least 10 OPT-OUTS a year.


What is the thinking behind a SISOT  producing at least 10 OPT-OUTS a year?

What is a benefit of this idea for the society?

25 thoughts on “IDEA #3 – OPT-IN/OPT-OUT

  1. Two fold:

    a. If 10 are opting out then there must be at least 10 coming in. Presumably more than that, which remain as opt ins.

    b. Soverign thought is at the core of what we are teaching, therefore the option to opt out is integral to that idea.

    also. A marketing[sales] target

  2. Diversion and digression often often open new doors. Our ability to forget is as important as our ability to remember if we are to get creative. There is always a chance that if we get “trapped” within a grove we will not take the simple step to check how well our thinking match our reality.

    Our mental processes rest on an edifice of anchors and reference built from experience as part of our survival strategy and also to achieve economy in the thinking process.

    SISOT processes are a useful vehicle we can use to navigate the world we live in. We must however be wary of the risk of falling into the trap of “I KNOW” mindset. Our initial position on any issue creates the likely pathway on how we think on any issue.

    The 10 Opt-out not only gives us the elbow room to deal with other issue but may cause us to find a different path. Besides life is for living and the ability to remain flexible reminds us that life is about choice, not slavishness to a system.

  3. What is the thinking behind a SISOT producing at least 10 OPT-OUTS a year?

    This is very positive. Exercising free will in teaching is the best thing for education and learning. The old way of teaching was very monolythic. The present society is by-product of that system.

    Free will -this is “nature in action’ in learning. The positives will stay. the Negatives will leave but NOT necessarily all who leave are “negatives” !

  4. If you produce ten opt-outs it may well be the by-product of a thousand opt-ins …and it does not matter, or count …if that happens.
    Great !

  5. ‘SOT members are encouraged to invite friends and family members to join us if they wish and to respect their decision if they are not interested’

    The main drive here is activity which that increases the probability that people will say yes – introduced in Dr HG in ‘New Sell’. Call reluctance is produced by focussing on getting the sale.

    Not everyone will opt in and not everyone will opt out. As SISOT members we can focus on producing 10 opt outs a year – the attention then becomes on the activity of introducing SOT to people so they can make the choice rather than the outcome of getting people to join.

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