One of the 6 CAP Principles is LEARNING BY TEACHING. This has been a founding idea of SOT’s train-the-trainer strategy for teaching thinking and for teaching teachers of thinking. Each SISOT can be a living example of this principle.

To qualify as a SISOT a TISOT needs to have at least one SOT member that they are teaching for at least one hour on a monthly basis.


Why is it a good idea for a SISOT to have at least one SOT member each month that he or she spending an hour teaching?

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29 thoughts on “IDEA #2 – LEARNING BY TEACHING

  1. Learning by teaching is fundamental to the development of the SISOT. It also reinforces the routine as an extension of the DFQ.

    Teaching forces us to clearly organize and analyze our thinking so that we can effectively communicate our thoughts. In the process our own assumptions are challenged whilst forming process and patterns aswell [a slight paradox but get used to those] and further development takes place.

    The teacher is really just a position or a communcation party, not a master or the sole holder of information, just a position from which ‘some’ information is passed on. The recipient is just as valued, as they can provide stimulus in the form of feedback, challenging, and lack of understanding, which all offer opportunities to the teacher to better understand and pass on the said information.

    We are all students; we are all teachers.

  2. The act of teaching makes you go through your store of knowledge and network and organise them for lucid presentation in a way to maximise absorbption. You get to learn what to include, what to omit, what is “noise’ and what is missing. Exploring the noise can greatly expand your knowledge and help you find what is missing in the mix. There is also the timeline and environmental issues to address.

    Effective teachers will learn about their audience so as to filter in what is relevant to them, understand their capacity to absorb information available and be selective to help this process, and learns to build from the familiar to the unfamiliar (people cannot “see” unless they have a platform to do so).

    Teaching is also an interactive process. Learners are varied and do not come in one or two sizes. It is a matching and alignment process with the presentation or teaching material providing the anchors or frame for thinking. Teachers supercharge the learning experience by properly addressing the learners questions and responding according to their preferred mode of information processing, providing audio-visual, explanatory narratives or activity aids where necessary.

    For the teacher all this is a continous learning to expand awareness, relate, network and navigate narrative, numbers and noise. This must be tested for relevance.

    All the above provide SISOT with opportunities to for PRR to learn about the wider field of learners and observe the process of transferring understanding between mind. It also ensures SISOT learn to think on their feet as they usually have to answer questions from the learner.

    Often teaching will make the teacher a super learner.

  3. For an SOT member to spend an hour teaching makes perfect sense.

    In my personal experience when ever I teach someting to work colleagues etc. that teaching further reinforces that idea in me. also at the same time when I teach I get asked questions. This makes me THINK about what I’m teaching. Sometimes the questions in itself makes you to re-think what you are teaching.

    Another example of teaching in a “class room” is it broadens your own horizons because each person whom you teach is different!

  4. If find the greatest test of knowledge is in being able to explain it to somone else in a way that they can understand. Some of the greatest teachers I have admired are those that can explain it in simple terms.

    1 hr per month spent on this task consolidates your own knowledge and acts to pass on these memes to others. This is the core role of the SISOT – instructing/teaching others.

  5. A great way to strengthen your own grasp of a subject is to try and explain it to somebody else. This forces you to put your own understanding into words, and sometimes you need to explain something two or three different ways before the other person gets it.

  6. The process of teaching is an equalising interaction these days ….more ‘guide at the side’ than ‘sage on the stage’……and so it is very likely both teacher and learner roles will from time to time be turned about……the opportunity to explain something to one other interested person clarifies the ideas for the teacher and invites queries and enquiries from the learner ….making the experience shared a valuable one for both.

    Having first learned in your own mind how to explain something is fine: to reinforce it by working it through with another person creates a memorable experience , and assists retention of that learning.

    Not to do this could mean that the learning fades ,and becomes forgotten ,or loses value ……the memorable quality comes from appreciation of the responses of the other learner working face to face .. as .the ideas are tested!

  7. 1. When you attempt to teach something, it has to go beyond your average level of learning and comprehension. You not only see the topic in all its dimensions, you tend to question the idea (as if the person you plan to teach may be asking/harboring such questions). In this process you strengthen your own perception and learning significantly.
    2. Teaching-learning is ideally a two-way process. So while teaching you tend to learn from the way the person receives, responds or reacts to the idea you teach. This provides you with a different perspectives – sometimes radically different from the original hypothesis – of the issues at hand.
    3. The planning for a teaching is also an important avenue to think critically of the approach, method, medium, effectiveness etc. This is a great learning process itself.
    So it is definitely a good idea for a SISOT to have at least one SOT member each month spend an hour teaching. We can also find out some talented teachers as our future resource.

  8. teaching and guiding other people and gaining the feedback from them through the learning process also developes your own in depth understanding of what you are teachig basically how to be able to focus analyse situations evaluate them and be able to make a decision on what to do to achieve your short and long term goals

    how to set those realistic goals and decide what you want to achieve is also part of the process which is helped through the interaction with other people on a regular basis through the teaching process

  9. In order to teach and guide another person you need to fokus and understand the topic you are teaching. It will help both the studen and the teacher.

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