If THINKING IS A SKILL then the DFQs are the drill.

For you to be reading this page you must already be a TISOT and you will be quite familiar with SOTs Daily Feedback Questions (DFQs) where members are invited to post their comment at the end of each lesson. You will have posted many of your own comments and you will have read many of the comments posted by other SOT members. This is one of the techniques that makes SOT training so effective. DFQs enable the member to do practise and repetition over time. This DFQ method is unique to SOT.

Compare that with the traditional European approach to education which has been that thinking has to do with intelligence and that intelligence is a gift; you either have it or you don’t.

“If you have intelligence then we don’t have to worry about you and if you don’t have intelligence then there’s nothing we can do about you”.

So for 500 years nothing much was done about it.

SOT has a different approach. We view thinking and intelligence as separate issues. We view intelligence as potential that can be realised by THINKING AS A SKILL. Like all skills THINKING can be learned and developed through practise, repetition and rehearsal (PRR). If THINKING IS A SKILL then the DFQs are the drill.

An SOT member will need to do 100 DFQs a year to qualify for SISOT membership.


Why do you think a SISOT will need to do 100 DFQs a year?

Have a think and then post your comments below …

29 thoughts on “IDEA #1 – DFQS ARE THE DRILL – SOT Pedagogy

  1. Why does a SISOT need to do 100 DFQ’s a year….

    52 weeks in a year, minus 2 weeks Xmas break leaves 50 weeks.

    How about

    1 x personal DFQ for me over 50 weeks

    and as it is an leadership advisory group

    1 x instructor DFQ for the team over 50 weeks

  2. I am of the belief that we are each born with an infinite intelligence ability and because of many factors during our early years we are dumbed down by such factors as television, traditional education systems and the PTV.

    We have the opportunities to buck this trend in our personal lives by seeking out the mentors, teachers and the enlightened. Then with practice, rehearsal and repetition we can acquire the skills to be creative and imaginative thinkers.

    The skills and lessons will become a part of our intelligence by doing the DFQ’s at least 100x a year.

  3. The best way to become adept at something is to practice and train. By completing 100 dfqs we get into the routine of reading, thinking and responding. This means we’ll be well on the way to become better thinkers.

  4. Practice, repetition and rehearsal. Intelligence is potential that can be realised through thinking as a skill. In acknowledging thinking as a skill, it is necessary to practice thinking – to learn by doing – and to practice daily (or regularly because 100 isn’t actually a year’s worth of days even excluding weekends). The DFQs are a way in which we learn by doing. I also think 100 is a usefully round figure because it has the ring of 10x thinking, which I learned about in one of the other programs.

  5. I think that a SISOT will need to do (at least) 100 DFQs a year because virtuosity requires continuous practice…a strategy of daily training helps you to incrementally progress along the path of mastery.

  6. I believe the DFQs are essential to allow the seeds of new thoughts to truly germinate into real thoughts and opinions. The regurgitation of facts and figures does not promote the ability to think in new directions. Almost like free play in children I believe the writing of ones thoughts crystalize thought into belief and then it may be transformed into action which will impact ones Life. It is a true benefit to be fed questions and information which stimulates the desire to formulate ideas and then commit the ideas to writing. Without being quantified on paper ideas seem to have a will-o-the-wisp tendency and are quickly forgotten.
    If a student is not committed to a goal and there is no accountability our nature is to sometimes slack off on what we could become. Ergo coaches will push their players to new levels of performance.
    Thanks Coach Michael!!

  7. Why do you think a SISOT will need to do 100 DFQs a year? Because DFQs are the daily exercises involve to strengthen our ability to think and if you will need 100 DFQs in a year it will put you ahead of others at all times. A great journey of the first human being learning all practical to become great not as a gift but acquired which even more valuable than if gifted. Thanks

  8. Wel it coud be 100 or 150 or…, the point is that with constant practise you can move on. We need to drill ourselves to aquire the skills.
    Constant And Never ending Improvment.

  9. To maintain the status of SISOT you must first demonstrate that you are interested and prepared to put in the hard yards to keep your mind active and to keep on training yourself to think. (walk the talk) All SISOT’s need to become expert at the skill of thinking as this is a skill that may later be taught to others – so “pracitce what you preach” is important if you are to have credibility when consulting others. So many experiences and otherwise untapped thoughts, ideas, opinions can be gained from doing daily lessons – many of them new to the mind so that your level of intelligence can continually grow as you are adding new concepts. DFQ’s are a break away from day to day, normal thinking and a way to train you mind in other aspects.

  10. I also understand we learn through recency, frequency and intensity; 100 DFQs a year would suggest an average of one every three days – methinks recent and frequent enough.

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