Here’s your DFQ #025:

What is quite funny about this?

Use humour today to change your mood or your reaction to a difficult situation.

Post your result.


Good humour is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society.”

William Makepeace Thackeray



311 thoughts on “#025 HUMOUR

  1. I couldn’t see the image, so I googled “eduard von grützner” trying to see what the image might look like. The second result was “Monks & Beer”. Must’ve been a failed attempt at turning water into wine!

  2. Sometimes I think I am super important, when I look back at those times, I realize I look pretty silly. That reminds me to lighten up.

  3. There is a piece of humor in everything, and from my experience even at a funeral. Humor integrates the visible with the invisible and softens the heart of all attitudes. It creates a sync in all hearts.

  4. The funny thing that’s been happening relates to problems with orders which are out of my hands. So I’m thinking of it as humorous rather than depressing.

  5. I love using humour in work! I have used chickens in customer presentations, and taught people to break wood using Karate. I have used humour so much I am known for it.

  6. If only if we understand life as some thing individuals need to take charge of and see others as partners to help you achieve your goal then you need to live in harmony this creating hamoun

  7. My eleven month old daughter had just finished watching play school when I grab the remote and turned off the television and said “lets go bubs”. She turned around and looked at me… she then got up off the floor and wobbled around to the side of the television and started to press the buttons located there until the television turned on again. When it did, she wobbled back around and sat on the floor and started to watch televsion. I laughed pretty hard before turning off the television and picking her up.

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