Here’s your DFQ #025:

What is quite funny about this?

Use humour today to change your mood or your reaction to a difficult situation.

Post your result.


Good humour is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society.”

William Makepeace Thackeray



311 thoughts on “#025 HUMOUR

  1. Humour is what I need right now. To laugh at the absurdity of some things. To remember to add a bit of brevity to the situation and not take everything seriously.

  2. Humour bonds people together, and helps them to cooperate during difficult times. Conversely, trying to find the humour in a situation is an excellent mental exercise as it forces you to look at things in a different way – provided you steer clear of the Dad jokes…

  3. I have always used humour in the work place. I feel this breeds a positive environment to work in. Positive environment does have a reflection on productivity and growth within a business.

  4. I think what is funny is how we (health professionals) use humour so much to deal with the demands of our often serious and solemn work. We laugh at situations that most people would think should never be laughed at but I think it is a healthy coping mechanism. Humour, sometimes, make light of horrible/sad situations we face on a daily basis, this helps improve our mood/affect at work.

  5. You laugh about it once, you can laugh about it again, at a later date, when things don’t seem so good – think about all the things you look back on and can see the funny side now. but couldn’t at the time.
    So it seems sensible to try and find the humour immediately, because you probably will eventually anyway.

  6. When you’re becomming frustrated with something, humour can often lighten the mood and make you feel more relaxed about the situation.

  7. It is hard to be anything except positive when smiling or laughing, and it is easier to move forward/progress when in a good frame of mind

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