Here’s your DFQ #025:

What is quite funny about this?

Use humour today to change your mood or your reaction to a difficult situation.

Post your result.


Good humour is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society.”

William Makepeace Thackeray



311 thoughts on “#025 HUMOUR

  1. I often use humour from a self-deprecation angle to break the ice and make people feel at ease which appears to work especially well within the new COVID normal of my daily schedule of VC calls when first meeting new colleagues or customers. For instance today whilst about to lead a VC meeting with a new client to run them through the engagement scope and introductions to our team I mistakenly hit the leave button instead of the maximise screen icon so was able to get everyone smiling about my mistake when I reconnected to the meeting afterwards.

  2. Humour is a safety valve that allows the escape of stress. Court jesters and satirists have “skated on thin ice” or “sailed close to the wind” to put up a mirror to the arrogance and folly of kings and despots. We love to laugh at others’ pranks or to laugh with others, but the biggest challenge is to laugh at ourselves.
    Right now, at home, the sewer is blocked, the roof is leaking and a possum has died in the wall cavity. The only funny thing is that it is a rental property so the landlord will have to pay.

  3. L’un de nos professeurs nous disait que si nous ne savions pas traiter le sujet de l’examen, nous devrions raconter une histoire drôle ce qui nous laisserait une chance avec l’examinateur. Plus tard, un très distingué professeur de philologie allemande a commencé l’année en déclarant qu’une qualité primordiale dans l’étude où nous nous engagions était l’esprit d’observation et il a illustré son propos avec une histoire qui a plié toute l’assistance de rire. Humour, une qualité essentielle qu’il faut aussi exercer sur soi-même.

    One of our teachers told us that if we did not know how to deal with the subject of the exam, we should tell a funny story that would give us a chance with the examiner. Later, a very distinguished professor of German philology started the year declaring that a primordial quality in the study we were engaging in was the spirit of observation and he illustrated his subject with a story that has bent all the audience laughing. Humor, an essential quality that must also be exercised on oneself.

  4. Conversation with my cousin via text who I’ve just found out is in hospital. He is a rather stoic fellow.
    Him: Just in hospital having a kidney stone removed
    Me: Wow I’ve heard that is really painful
    Him: Painful is an understatement
    Me: Jeez, toughen up Princess. Whinge, whinge, whinge…

  5. Humour is the cornerstone of good thinking, it allows you to see everything differently from the norm.

    Humour can only be cultivated by being exposed to funny stories, people or movies. The more you see, the more you get it, the more you open your mind. You need to constantly challenge your thinking and seeing the humor, irony or sarcasm, in everything allows you to truly discover the light side of life.

    Some consider it the only way to remain sane.

  6. Humor is needed for creativity. Humor is an escape from existing logical patterns. Humor can be a stepping stone towards a new and fresh idea. Humor brings in possibilities. When thinking follows a logical path and moves in a straight line, there is no humor. Humor breaks out from the pattern, from the mold and create new patterns, new molds.

  7. It is important to me to keep moving toward my goals, but i need to remain flexible enough to adapt to the changing moods of the people around me. Plus I need to change my mood, from time to time , so I can automatically find some things funny.

  8. I attended a session and its coming to mind by Tim Gard. He said let bummers go and celebrate the wohoos . And I am repeating here to trigger the memory use bummer to stop cortisol cycle ; use humor to prevent future cortisol release and use whoo-hoos to to initiate oxytocin response …! aha!

  9. I can use humor to diffuse the tense situation that I am in right now. I learn to laugh at myself and not to take myself too seriously.

  10. When something unpleasant happens to me, I think of a humorous word I can use to myself which takes the unpleasantness away.

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