Your first x10 thinking lesson …

Nothing on Earth is more powerful than lateral thinking.

x10 Thinking is an example of lateral thinking and this first lesson begins a journey of discovery that we will take together.

Now, here’s the #1 piece of advice I can give you to maximise the benefits of this training:

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If you do this daily/weekly discipline then you WILL master the skills of lateral thinking and it will multiply your life by ten.

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We will start off x10 THINKING by helping you to understand some interesting and useful facts about basic cognitive neuroscience and the plasticity of your brain so you can upgrade your own thinking software … new apps for your brain. Scientists call this “thinking about thinking” or metacognition.

The School of Thinking Motto in Latin is:


In English this motto is: 

'No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!' 

DFQ #01:

What useful meaning does this motto convey to you?

5,224 thoughts on “Your first x10 thinking lesson …

  1. Anyone can become a skilled thinker through the application of tested principles, humility, and discipline, the same qualities that are needed to learn to play the autoharp, tend a beautiful garden, or write a book.

  2. You have to keep working on it
    Use it or lose it
    It like riding a bike, it took a while before yous stopped falling off, now suddenly you ride for Kms

  3. In art-making, no one is born a skilled artist. The same truth holds true about critical thinking–it can be learned through practice.

  4. That the art of skilled thinking is something that can be acquired by all . That is not out of someone’s reach to learn to be a skilled thinker . That people can be trained to be skilled thinkers . And all it takes is practice .

  5. Anyone can become a skilled thinker that has a functional brain. Don’t let your current “thinker” determine what it might be tomorrow.

  6. The motto conveys to me: I must not knock my abilitities. I should build on the foundation I have – knowing what I can do, and erasing the ‘Mistake phobia’ by ‘moving’ and not thinking that everything must be perfect before I start.
    (Hence, this reply, it’s not perfect ….. but eventually my replys will be effective)

  7. It serves as a reminder that a skill needs to be practiced to either maintain the current level or, even better, to be elevated to the next higher level.

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