Larry Page, CEO of Google

“I live by the gospel of x10. Most companies would be happy to improve a product by 10 percent. Not me. I expect my employees to create products and services that are 10 times better than the competition. I’m not satisfied with discovering a couple of hidden efficiencies or tweaking code to achieve modest gains. x10 improvement requires rethinking problems entirely, exploring the edges of what’s technically possible, and having a lot more fun in the process”


Your DFQ #07 for today is: How can I escape?

What CVS can you try to escape from today?

747 thoughts on “#07 ESCAPE

  1. I need to escape from my frustrations. Frustrated that others are expecting others to do the thinking for them. Frustrated that things don’t get coordinated, causing confusion. Frustrated dealing with others defending their point of view, instead of moving forward. My CVS is causing me frustrations. I should escape and look for a better view.

  2. I’m very “not middle of the road.” I’m an extremist – extremely emotional and impulsive, or extremely rational deliberate to the point of procrastination. My CVS today is how to be aware of thinking habits, especially poor ones that just use mechanistic reactions to challenges. I suppose that’s what this course is about.

  3. A CVS I’d like to escape from would be that I am not very good at paying attention to the detail of a work task, and no matter how hard I try, I will always miss important details and make a mistake.

  4. Today I can try to escape from how I am used to perceive my current situation view (cvs) in different issues I daily encounter; ie think differently from I normally do.

  5. Going into a new position – rather than just do because that is how I have been shown, question myself why? why is it done this way and look for more effective ways. One win already….

  6. I need to change my thinking on my long term goals, not place them on a pedestal and make them seem unachievable. Break these down into manageable bites and eat through them. In order to do that my action plan needs to be created and work needs to commence on this.

  7. To escape from the CVS trap I need to do thorough research on the subject and find out the new approach to the issue or situation.

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