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“I live by the gospel of x10. Most companies would be happy to improve a product by 10 percent. Not me. I expect my employees to create products and services that are 10 times better than the competition. I’m not satisfied with discovering a couple of hidden efficiencies or tweaking code to achieve modest gains. x10 improvement requires rethinking problems entirely, exploring the edges of what’s technically possible, and having a lot more fun in the process”


Your DFQ #07 for today is: How can I escape?

What CVS can you try to escape from today?

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  1. My CvS i will try to escape from today is my partner doesnt care. the bvs would be may her own way of viewing how to care(which i will try to learn) is also valid

  2. When planning I am trying to escape from what is my current thinking (CVS) to a better way of thinking (BVS) which means I am socialising my thoughts more often. Performing a simple GBB has been beneficial.

  3. As I’m introducing BVS thinking to all interactions, I have had some positive results with family.

  4. when listening to others opinion, trying to be open to their CVS as it’s not the same as mine and from that also doing a GBB to conclude my own opinion.

  5. when planning an event that has been already ran by the opposition a week earlier(already a negative mind set) .
    have a positive mind set that our course will be better delivered with more content to attract customers too.

  6. When talking with members and listening to their CVS I am experimenting with ways of guide them to see a BVS.

  7. My cvs held me prisoner to thinking I was trapped doing what I was doing for evermore. However, with some lateral thinking x10 I have gone to a bvs and realised there is so much else I can really do.

  8. My cvs is to protect and hoard my existing clients. My bvs is to obtain more client interactions and thereby allowing myself to move from client defence to client attraction.

  9. My cvs is being frustrated with an employee that i put a lot of time in on a daily basis that is not retaining the knowledge provided. the bvs is perhaps they are not retaining it because i am not imparting the knowledge in a way suitable to how they learn and need to make some changes to how i approach things. This DFQ has been particularly helpful as it forced me to think past my cvs and do a GBB on the situation.

  10. CVS: I am trying to escape from the view that my business is inevitably going to be unsuccessful. It’s now 9 months old, and my patience is wearing thin. But I know that most businesses take a couple of years to get going properly. BVS: So I’m trying to believe that success is just around the corner, replacing suppliers as needed and just getting on with what I need to do and letting my SEO company do their thing without second guessing them.

  11. Escape from thinking that my last few decisions are at the root of my current situation and recognize that they were complete based on the information I was working with then.

  12. CVS: I’m trapped with my new work assignment
    BVS: I chose to take this new assignment on, it will provide opportunities to re-create yourself.

  13. The CVS to escape from is what sort of employment or business could I be providing compared to the sort of work I have previously done and am no longer engaged in.

  14. Decide on my approach to a business deal.
    Decide what hours to work in part time job.
    Seek approachs to where and how to afford purchase of residential property.

  15. To escape from the CVS trap I need to do thorough research on the subject and find out the new approach to the issue or situation.

  16. I need to change my thinking on my long term goals, not place them on a pedestal and make them seem unachievable. Break these down into manageable bites and eat through them. In order to do that my action plan needs to be created and work needs to commence on this.

  17. Going into a new position – rather than just do because that is how I have been shown, question myself why? why is it done this way and look for more effective ways. One win already….

  18. Today I can try to escape from how I am used to perceive my current situation view (cvs) in different issues I daily encounter; ie think differently from I normally do.

  19. A CVS I’d like to escape from would be that I am not very good at paying attention to the detail of a work task, and no matter how hard I try, I will always miss important details and make a mistake.

  20. I’m very “not middle of the road.” I’m an extremist – extremely emotional and impulsive, or extremely rational deliberate to the point of procrastination. My CVS today is how to be aware of thinking habits, especially poor ones that just use mechanistic reactions to challenges. I suppose that’s what this course is about.

  21. I need to escape from my frustrations. Frustrated that others are expecting others to do the thinking for them. Frustrated that things don’t get coordinated, causing confusion. Frustrated dealing with others defending their point of view, instead of moving forward. My CVS is causing me frustrations. I should escape and look for a better view.

  22. I asked some stakeholders for feedback on my interactions , work with them. After overall some positive feedback one of them made a statement about me being too detailed , very conceptual etc . I sensed my cvs of defense bubbling up and then I said to my self about 5 times cvs to bvs , what is the bvs here sonia! . I found it !

  23. How can I improve my business by ten fold? How can I escape the CVS of my business to a BVS that is at least a 10 times better? How can I get 10 more clients? How can I get 10 more subscribers? How can I get 10 times more business associates? How can I improve my business 10 times better? How can I escape my current job 10 times faster? How can I deliver 10 times more value to my customers? How can I increase the size of their transaction by at least 10 times? How can I increase the frequency of my dealing with my clients by at least 10 folds? How can I become at least 10 times better at listening to my clients?

    1. These are the kind of x10 questions to challenge our status quo. Thinking outside our OWN box is the hardest lateral thinking of all. Work with these questions for a year, Kamyar, and then see what has shifted in your own life.

  24. I have started to escape from paying attention to side issues that usually reduce my energy during the work dayes. In this way , i am trying to fouce on how our NGO intends to rebuild momentum in improving work procedures and stranders.

  25. I work in a medical imaging technology company. My team and I work on designing new imaging products. Another key role of my team is to validate the accuracy and performance of products that is currently under development. I find myself having these conversations around how performance can be improved 1-2% for a moderate cost of time. Butbased on X10 I keep saying that I’m happier with 10% but why not more and say 100% better or 10 times better performance. That is the true better value situation that we have to get to, as a team, from our current situation.

  26. The current view that I want to escape is that 10% better is a huge increase. With this current mindset when I reach that 10% I feel like I’ve conquered Everest, and therefore stop searching for other alternatives. I need to leave this thinking behind and start dreaming a little bigger.

  27. Things are not always as they appear. I am learning quickly the power of x10 not only in my day to day here at work but also significantly in the home and broader engagement with family.

  28. I run a school for thinking. I started it in 2010 when I discovered the importance of teaching thinking as a skill. I have not been successful financially. While I do enjoy teaching thinking, I need to pay salaries, rent, and utility bills, among others. I want to escape my current view of the situation that I should teach via a physical center and that children should come to me for instructions on a face to face basis. Perhaps I should also escape the view that I should be teaching children. I don’t know but I do want to escape my current view to get to a better view.

  29. The first question that comes to me is “are there many teachers among the students of this course?”
    I am not talking about teachers who speak to adults or young adults, but to those who deal with young people, even very young children, with this quasi-compulsory public consisting of their parents.
    If it seems to me easy to go from a cvs to a bvs in the business world – subject to doing what is necessary to achieve it, I have some difficulty in conceiving the thing on a practical level in the school area and more particularly at the level of the first lessons.
    Having his own bvs in a world that is not very flexible is not enough to have his vision of what this world ideally should be, this vision being of course depending on our ambient cognos. Successive ministers arrive with their own bvs and try to translate it into reality, without much success judging by the mediocre results of our pupils. A bvs is both broader and more concrete. To be continued.


    La première question qui me vient est “y a-t-il beaucoup d’enseignants parmi les étudiants de ce cours ?”
    Je ne parle pas des enseignants qui s’adressent à des adultes ou à de jeunes adultes mais de ceux qui ont affaire à de jeunes, voire très jeunes enfants, avec ce public annexe quasi obligé constitué de leurs parents.
    S’il me semble facile de passer d’une cvs à une bvs dans le monde de l’entreprise – sous réserve de faire ce qu’il faut pour y parvenir, j’ai quelque difficulté à concevoir la chose sur un plan pratique dans le domaine scolaire et plus particulièrement au niveau des premiers enseignements.
    Avoir sa propre bvs dans un monde assez peu souple, ce n’est pas se contenter d’avoir sa vision de ce que ce monde, idéalement, devrait être, cette vision étant bien sûr fonction de notre cognos ambiant. Les ministres successifs arrivent avec leur propre bvs et tentent de la traduire dans les faits, sans grand succès à en juger par les médiocres résultats de nos élèves.Une bvs, c’est à la fois plus vaste et plus concret. A suivre.

  30. My cvs is that I don’t have a lot to offer to the business world as my business was a statistic of the GFC and I lost everything. Cvs2bvs: Upskill (MLATSOT) and utilise what I learnt when my business was in deep trouble as an asset.

  31. I need to escape from the notion that work is a sum of the multiple low level operational activities that I line up end to end to fill the day. The X10 jump would be to see the role as achieving a higher strategic purpose. Instead of focussing always on the “what am I doing now” and doing it, I should perhaps take the time to think about the “why” of my role. “Why am I doing this now.”

  32. ‘There is a lack of economic opportunity’. Or so it seems. I need to start playing with ideas – what the e-mail called ‘Google Time’. I may find opportunities everywhere If I’m able to escape from my CVS!

  33. I needed to escape by multiple of ideas in my current work opportunity so as to create batter company for a lot of business in my locality not get into problems as an individual income and for the batter side of the opportunity which will bring good success.

  34. My cvs views constraints as drivers of decisions (particularly resources) so they can become blockers to escape the cvs. So even if i cant x10 money or time i need to look at where else x10 can help to “go around” constraints (find a bvs) rather then meeting them head on

  35. My previous post still holds & I need to escape from the CVS I currently hold. What if economic opportunity abounds? What can Australia exchange with countries in our region? The countries of the Indian Ocean Rim for example. What is the need in these countries?

  36. my CVS is that its monday and here i am doing pretty much the same thing as last monday. how about shaking up the week and having those regular meetings at different times across different mediums or in different places and inject different topics. During team meeting today i emailed a joke to all and checked at the end if anyone had read it – they all had and had to go on mute whilst they chuckled

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