Dr Francesco Caso

Francesco Caso has received a Doctor of Lateral Thinking LatTD(SOT)hc from the School of Thinking. The degree is Honoris Causa, which is to say an Honorary Degree, a gift of the school. Dr Caso’s citation was:

For ten years of dedicated. loyal and valuable service to the School of Thinking in Melbourne and Rome.

Dr Caso also holds both a psychology master’s degree and a graduate diploma from the University of Melbourne, and a law degree from the University of Naples Federico II.

Francesco is Managing Director of 2015 Holdings Pty Ltd.

Dr Francesco Caso LatTD(SOT)hc, MAPP(Melb), GradDipPsych(Melb), JD(Nap)

A note on degrees Honoris Causa:

It is a long standing academic tradition for a school to make a gift of an honorary degree. It’s the School of Thinking’s 39th Anniversary on Saturday, 17th November 2018 yet less than 10 of these degrees have ever been given in that time. They have only ever been given to close supporters and in traditional recognition for long-standing service to the school. Never in exchange for funding.

We do know that certain schools have given many Honoris Causa degrees to visiting celebrities for fundraising events and also to putative donors in exchange for funds, even while they are being heavily subsidised by government grants.

SOT is independent and receives no government grants nor sponsorship funds from any commercial or other entities. It does not ever trade academic titles for cash.

The School of Thinking motto is:


‘No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!’