Lateral Thinking Certificate (LTC-A) – Lesson #09 –Doing the TPF

This week we’ve been doing TPFs. Doing a TPF is a tool or app for the PFC brain — for reappraisal — for using cvs2bvs to escape from the box of our own thinking and to try to see other possible futures than the obvious one that simply matches our cvs past.

The TPF is an app for the PFC, the reappraisal centre of the brain. What is reappraisal? Reappraisal is about doing the harder thing when it’s the better thing to do. It’s called willpower. It’s also called wisdom. Wisdom and willpower are the specialised work of your PFC, your pre-frontal cortex.

cvs2bvs, the Universal Brain Software, frees the brainuser to hop across parallel universes with tenpower. cvs2bvs does this by allowing the brainuser to switch from one parallel universe to another. From cvs .. x10 switch to … bvs.

A parallel universe is a possible future. At any particular moment you are heading to one possible future. But, you could escape from that possible future and head for a different possible future. We do this every day and every time we take a decision … or not!

At any particular moment in time (called NOW) it is usual to just go from our cvs and push it forward into the future, to defend the ‘rightness’ of our cvs. We simply go from cvc2cvs. But, there are many possible bvs futures, if only we could escape from our cvs … and go from cvs2bvs.

Usually, there is the most likely future which will turn out to be the logical decision you are most likely to take. In this brain app we call the most likely decision choice: cvs. We do this to draw attention to the fact that we may just be defending our past cvs. But, there are at least 3 other possible futures that we could consider if only we made the cvs2bvs effort to do so. Just to spell this out we’ll tag these three possible choices as follows: bvs #03, bvs #02 and bvs #01.

The TPF is the brain app for the PFC which shows that at any time you are faced with a decision there are always at least three possible futures from which to choose. You can do the TPF alone or it’s fun to do it with others. Click here again to take a second look at the 59 Second Course in Thinking

Reviewing the TPF

When reviewing the use of the TPF think about these 5 principles:

  1. Other people may be able to see the future consequences of your decision more easily than yourself.
  2. It is important to know whether the future consequences are reversible or not.
  3. Immediate and long term futures may be opposite: the immediate future of a choice may be good and the long term future bad, or vice versa.
  4. You should look at the possible futures not only as they affect you but also as they affect other people as well.
  5. You can do a TPF to explore three possible futures before deciding which one you ought to start with.

DFQ #09: TPF Thought Experiments A or B:

TPF A: Just suppose a future in 2022 where your company marks its 1,000,000th client. What do you think could be its most popular product? (Do a 3-minute TPF)

TPF B: By 2022, in a possible future, your company has a client database of 250,000. Who are they? (Do a 3-minute TPF)

Choose either TPF A or TPF B and do the TPF here:

bvs #01

bvs #02

bvs #03

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  1. TPF A: Just suppose a future in 2022 where your company marks its 1,000,000th client. What do you think could be its most popular product? (Do a 3-minute TPF)

    Given Australia has 135,997 farms.

    BVS01 A product adopted globally on farms that has obvious profitability or time saving benefits
    BVS02 A product that appeals to the direct-to-consumer market
    BVS03 An educational product

  2. TPF A
    BVS1: Future farming technology package (practical production technologies developed in consultation with farmers), addressing issues including: climate change (increased heat, drought), more efficient/mechanised harvesting while maintaining product quality, on-farm water management, easier collection of large volumes of data and automated analysis for improved decision making. Also practical advice on how to establish crops suited to Australian conditions that are not yet widely grown, but are likely to have increased consumer demand (health foods, gluten-free grains, indigenous plants and animals etc).
    BVS2: Future plant breeding package including tools to make the process more efficient and able to respond quickly to increased severity of pests and diseases caused by natural mutation, climate change or quarantine breach.
    BVS3: Horticultural product quality improvement package, including high-tech product packaging, product treatment with beneficial microorganisms and plant biotechnology (SDN, not GM) to improve shelf-life, reduce spoilage and increase health benefits of stored products, while not generating more packaging waste.

  3. A.
    1. Development portal where land-related information from many different platforms is integrated in a one stop shop.
    2. One stop shop online portal for science based predictions and solutions etc for managing climate change in agriculture.
    3. A piece of software or app that takes all the individual cow-related data that is collected from numerous devices on the farm and distils it into a meaningful and useful output for farmers.

  4. 1. Same customer base as now
    2. Customers from Agribio and Latrobe contacts
    3. New customers from expanding internal and external contacts

  5. Scenario B
    BVS1 Industrial partners improving agricultural productivity
    BVS2 research institutes that have abandoned the notion that keeping things confidential is conducive to good science outcomes
    BVS3 manufacturers looking for improvements and different ways of using waste streams for development of new products reduced emissions and process waste

  6. Scenario B – who are our clients?
    BVS #1 Farmers
    BVS #2 Medical distributors (e.g. for medicinal cannabis)
    BVS #3 based on my previous DFQ answers – advocates of those that are less fortunate

  7. BVS1 100% of Australian retailers who insist on the ARL for all packaging
    BVS2 100% of local councils in Australia who harmonise bins and recycling capabilities
    BVS3 Local manufacturing and product importing companies require the ARL and committed recycled content from Australia in packaging

  8. B
    1) Farmers and plant breeders adopting scientific breakthroughs that will enable better yield and resistance.
    2) Research institutes collaborating for assistance in Next generation sequencing and data analysis.
    3) national/International government agencies and institutes for Biosafety monitoring.

  9. A
    1) Genomic selection for breeding programs worldwide increasing genetic gain 500%.
    2) Diagnostics for plant and animal pest and diseases worldwide using novel diagnostic tools
    3) Next generation sequencing and data analysis assisting in cracking the genetic codes for all Agricultural organisms worldwide.

  10. A:
    BVS1 Machine learning applications for SMSFs
    BVS2 Future modeling for sustainable growth
    BVS3 Distributed supply chains

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