336 thoughts on “#020 DO IT NOW

  1. I can turn this computer off and go for a walk as I been sitting at my desk all day at work and driving back and forth is too much. I came home ate dinner and watched some TV. Now I am on my computer listing to this. It is time to go for a walk and get some screen free time. Good night everyone.

  2. Forget about my urgent to do list. Urgent tasks are imposed on me by other people or circumstances. There are tasks that have to be done. Do something that I don’t need to do.

    Speak to clients about their future plans.

  3. To talk to the solution architect and get feedback , i did it and then set up some more time to get my work to completion.

  4. The best thing to do now is the thing that you have been avoiding. Therefore work out the main thing you have been avoiding and do it now.

  5. OK. I’ve been putting off contacting family and friends in my target demographic for their opinions on my new design, but your post has prompted me to do it now. So I’ve done it. Fingers crossed.

  6. Make 2 difficult customer calls now.
    Did it and solutions are work in progress,rather than 2 still on to do list.

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