337 thoughts on “#020 DO IT NOW

  1. Having spent the morning working and thinking on my DFQ’s I am now going to go for a well earned bit of physical activity via a long ride on my bike.

  2. Lessons like these always make me think of the butterfly effect. It’s wild when you take your current position and trace back how you got there. Doing it now puts you in this position.

  3. En train de me concentrer sur le DFQ , toute à cette tâche et y prenant grand plaisir !

    Focusing on the DFQ, all this task and taking great pleasure!

  4. I rang my bank, something I had been putting off to avoid the confrontation and negotiated a better deal on my home loan.

  5. I can meditate and relax now. I have been very purposive and action-filled these past few days but for now, just now, I will pause. I will feel the air as I breathe. I will feel my body. I will watch my thoughts as they go past the screen in my mind. I shall not judge but just soak it in. I will just be.

  6. I paused.
    Trying to relax with a cup of tea and starting a mental journey towards a deeper understanding of “”NOW &DO””

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