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  1. There are many things that take less energy to do Now than set aside to later, which is crowded with competition with the current Now. My Now choice is to find my personal WIG Wildly Important Goal, so I can make better decisions about what I do Now. Reading “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” is a great Now choice.

  2. Starting w number one on my list. This time! starting will not involve making another list to prepare. I think I just need to jump in

  3. I think I am pretty good at doing things now – I am not one to put things off for another day because I am likely to forget what it was that I was going to do. I like ticking off (in my mind or on a list) of the things that I have done.

  4. I am good at doing the now in the professional arena. I can be somewhat of a procrastinator on the home front when it comes to doing it now.

  5. Not really 86000 plus now moments. We are sleeping for 25,000 of these, an one now moment presumably leads to significantly more doing moments. I reckon there might be perhaps 50 potential now moments in a day, that’s 4 per waking hour! The problem is, starting is great, but you need to see things through and finish as well!

  6. Every now moment is a chance to change the goal/destination for better or worse. Action for a better outcome only takes a different decision at this moment. Will I try or drift by? From past experience the choice that takes a little more effort or pushes your boundaries/thoughts/ideas/ideals is the easier one not to take but most often the one that brings advancement and rewards.

  7. I think a Now moment is an anti-procrastinate moment. I believe that by modelling a Now moment approach to many of my daily tasks, decisions or actions would unclutter much of my To-Do-List. It would clear the deck and allow me to better prioritise the longer tasks.

  8. Recognise and practise the importance of looking after your person and emotional self just as much as looking after others and meeting their needs/targets etc.

  9. session #20 is very inspiring. Post this read, have called and fixed meetings – will take it as a motto -“Now Moment”

  10. Might not sound very exciting, but it’s galvanising and to a positive end: now I can go and do one little thing after another which needs doing. The minutiae.

  11. Stay in CHECK mode. Called all stakeholders that I have been meaning to call for a while. Set up key meetings. Reviewed plans for the week in detail. Rehearsed a key meeting starting this morning at 9.

  12. As I walk up the stairs my right foot is CVS and my left foot is BVS. As each foot lands on the steps, I will say to myself, CVS… BVS… until I reach the top.

  13. Make 2 difficult customer calls now.
    Did it and solutions are work in progress,rather than 2 still on to do list.

  14. OK. I’ve been putting off contacting family and friends in my target demographic for their opinions on my new design, but your post has prompted me to do it now. So I’ve done it. Fingers crossed.

  15. The best thing to do now is the thing that you have been avoiding. Therefore work out the main thing you have been avoiding and do it now.

  16. To talk to the solution architect and get feedback , i did it and then set up some more time to get my work to completion.

  17. Forget about my urgent to do list. Urgent tasks are imposed on me by other people or circumstances. There are tasks that have to be done. Do something that I don’t need to do.

    Speak to clients about their future plans.

  18. I can turn this computer off and go for a walk as I been sitting at my desk all day at work and driving back and forth is too much. I came home ate dinner and watched some TV. Now I am on my computer listing to this. It is time to go for a walk and get some screen free time. Good night everyone.

  19. I paused.
    Trying to relax with a cup of tea and starting a mental journey towards a deeper understanding of “”NOW &DO””

  20. I can meditate and relax now. I have been very purposive and action-filled these past few days but for now, just now, I will pause. I will feel the air as I breathe. I will feel my body. I will watch my thoughts as they go past the screen in my mind. I shall not judge but just soak it in. I will just be.

  21. I rang my bank, something I had been putting off to avoid the confrontation and negotiated a better deal on my home loan.

  22. En train de me concentrer sur le DFQ , toute à cette tâche et y prenant grand plaisir !

    Focusing on the DFQ, all this task and taking great pleasure!

  23. Lessons like these always make me think of the butterfly effect. It’s wild when you take your current position and trace back how you got there. Doing it now puts you in this position.

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