Gen. George W. Casey Jr., US Army’s former chief of staff

“We need a program that gives soldiers and their families better ways to cope.”








Brigadier General Rhonda Cornum

“Bad things are going to happen to everyone, it’s about what you’re going to do about it,”





FAQ 01 — What is DiggerFit?

DiggerFit is the 100% online strategic fitness training, designed and provided by the School of Thinking, to help soldiers and their families to raise their coping intelligence.

DiggerFit provides all soldiers and their family members daily training called Strategic Soldier Family Fitness (SFsquared). This training in metacognitive skills is designed to raising their coping intelligence: their emotional resilience skills, their cognitive engagement and their strategic performance.


FAQ 02 — Who will use DiggerFit?

DiggerFit is strategic soldier and family fitness training. Soldiers and their families will use this training resource. Anywhere. Anytime. 100% online.

In the US, their ArmyFit resource is currently training 1.1 million soldiers and their families in emotional resiliency. General George Casey, when US Army Chief of Staff, initiated a $117 million program to transform a military culture that had once considered talk of emotions to be a sign of weakness. General Casey said the mental effects of deployments–rising suicide rates in the Army, brain injuries, post-traumatic stress–had convinced commanders “that we need a program that gives soldiers and their families better ways to cope.”


FAQ 03 — How do they use DiggerFit?

SOT uses metacognition training to build better fitness skills in emotional resilience. This helps increase the capacity of soldiers and their family members to handle adversity and meet challenges.

It helps to prevent problems caused by stress, and to think outside the square. Better cognitive engagement skills help prevent worry and reduce stress. Better strategic performance leads to cost-effective solutions and better future consequences.


FAQ 04 — How can they get started with DiggerFit?

Programs start on the first Monday of every month. All ranks, all soldiers and all family members can participate online using their personal handheld or desktop IT platform. It takes just ten minutes a day.



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