#073 DFQ

You have now been taught cvsx10=bvs by SOT which was once described by Jack Welch of GE as “the simplest idea in the world”.

Have a think about what have been some of the results you have got from the time you have spent reading these SOT training messages and thinking about your own CVS?

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  1. I love the cvs2bvs thought process, it was like a rainbow had had lit up in my head, I have a kaleidoscope of thoughts now, whenever I encounter a problem or situation I need to resolve I think of cvs2bvs.

  2. I have kept trying to open my mind to solutions and trying to better understand others ideas before validating them against other solutions.

  3. Am keeping on using cvs2bvs until it is tattooed in my brain and completely forget ptv.
    I have at least 4 options in everything I want to do, I try to find as many definitions of same problems with their solutions, am becoming a knight in the modern world and most of all pee double-are, concentrating on processes and not in results.

    Wow! Am loving this Doctor!

  4. I have learnt that I need to continually push myself to the BVS in order to achieve my goals both for myself and my business. I have to also ensure I set the culture of the business to allow my staff to move from their CVS to BVS in order for them to develop their skills and opportunities to better themselves and that of the business.

  5. The result I have got from the time I have spent reading these SOTmessages is: it is better focusing on the process rather than the end result, by doing this, it is easier moving from CVS2BVS

  6. There have been a number of significant results from my SOT training to date:

    I am no longer content to live within my CVS and during the course of the training have now developed the ability to think of paradigm shifts in my thinking in terms of developing my BVS.

    I have stopped procrastinating and the more I practice meta-cognition the more it drives action and the SDNT process.

    An additional benefit I have also become aware of is that all five of my senses appear to have become heightened! This has not only enriched my day to day life but is also making it easier to identify new BVS scenarios.

    Finally it has reawakened my thirst for knowledge and I suddenly seem to have more time each day to spend on learning new topics and skills.

  7. Some of the results are:
    1. Have focused more on x10. HappinessX10, PeaceX10, IncomeX10
    2. Focused on the Start part of SDNT. Unless I start–what I want is not going to happen.
    3. Focused on the importance of Practice in PRR. When I am not practicing–I am not getting closer to the skills I want to develop.

    This time through the course, I have found that while the ideas appear simple–there is work and practice to do to make them a part of my thinking (cvs).

  8. A seeds gets planted, and from then on it just aspires to ingest the abundant knowledge where all possibilities are infinite. There is an unstoppable drive to becoming better and better. Through the action of CVS2BVS, an idea becomes a fruitful manifestation.

  9. Have a think about what have been some of the results you have got from the time you have spent reading these SOT training messages and thinking about your own CVS?

    The result is to better define and Focus on the process, instead of the end, On the other hand is important to enjoy the process and understand that the process is everything.

  10. Most of the SOT thought,give me the effort to look forword to learn and change from my CVS to BVS in other to be positive in all do,to create and impact to others.

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