Your DFQ #031:

Besides this SOT training in X10 THINKING, what is an example, that you know of, that effectively uses continuous training to get unusual results?

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  1. Sprint interval training – 3 minutes per week delivers the same results as 150 minutes endurance training. The science around is still relatively new but appears solid. Now there is no excuse for not exercising because of being time poor….

  2. Sports like karate, basketball or football requires continuous training for improved results. So does piano, ballet and cooking. I am currently doing continuous training for children in thinking and it has shown great results in the way kids think.

  3. I planed a daily 30-minute training session for my son. This session was dedicated to the subject of English vocabulary acquisition. I distributed the thirty minutes to the three parts of the session as :
    15 minutes for listening ;10 minutes for writing;
    5 minutes for remembering ( memory training), i can now notice that he is improving and expanding his dictionary in a dynamic manner … A significant positive change in his ability to language acquiring also is now noticeable .

  4. In Aikido and Kung Fu, our daily practice makes a big difference in our success and failure. As a matter of fact, in every human activity from medicine to art and entertainment the daily practice and dedication to one’s craft will produce unusually and miraculous results.

  5. Meditation , mindfulness , reading , writing journals are all examples of activities that you can do continuously to get unusual results at physical , mental and spiritual level

  6. I went to the Aladdin musical last night. So, anything that requires a high level of coordination needs continuous training together.

  7. The Triple P parenting program. The program is delivered online via a number of modules. I complete each program and apply that lesson daily raising my little daughter.

  8. The Kaizen way – every day a little bit further.
    I always apply this method to develop a new skill I need.

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