Your DFQ #031:

Besides this SOT training in X10 THINKING, what is an example, that you know of, that effectively uses continuous training to get unusual results?

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  1. Continuously doing something over and over again to the point that it becomes an automatic action or thought. There is no resistance, just flowing. Imagine perfecting a tongue twister.

  2. Elite professional sports people use continuous training as they have to do everything they can to reach the highest level.

  3. I am struggling with this one. But one thing I have always believed is “To teach is to learn twice”. So I have always believed if you want to make sure you really learn something, then prepare so that you can teach the material, as this improves your own learning, and the more you teach something, the better you understand it.

  4. in my view, coders are an example of continuous training. Most coders are always discovering new ways of doing things, or how to do new things, and then applying the newfound knowledge before it disappears

  5. At work, actively seeking jobs that aren’t always the easiest. Increases training, whilst getting paid, with an upside in both experience and therefore capacity to be paid.

  6. I find training in a program such as AutoCAD every day improves my skills and memory for commands much faster than a full day once a week.

  7. An example I know of that uses continuous training to get unusual results would be a sport training method. For example, a tennis player would practice hittting the ball using both sides (right and left). If the player is right handed, it is said that when a right handed player practices with their left hand, their right hand side improves more, which is what they want.

  8. Gym training. I have found that if I have set routine, every day for 30 days thy my total physicality changes. It is incredible that on simple change 30 minutes a day can have such change

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