Your DFQ #031:

Besides this SOT training in X10 THINKING, what is an example, that you know of, that effectively uses continuous training to get unusual results?

training and development

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  1. In terms of unusual results I think an obvious but powerful example is any type of special forces training within the Military. This training to an extent reprogrammes the candidates through the intense and repetitive nature nature of the programme in areas such as strength, resilience, expert skills development and pre-programmed reactions both physically and mentally. The training has been designed so that at its conclusion the successful candidates are as ready as they can be to deal with any planned or unplanned operational situation that they may face.

  2. Most were amazed by footage of the 10 years old young Australian violin prodigy who recently won the Junior Prize at the 2018 Menuhin International Competition for Young Violinists.
    He started learning violin at age 5 and currently practices around 4 hours per day. When asked about how he is able to work so hard on his practice, he said he liked the sound of the violin. He then said that his dream is for the violin to take him all over the world.
    So here are two elements of practice. It has to be enjoyable and it has to be done with a goal in mind.

  3. Toujours mieux comprendre les réactions émotionnelles, les miennes et celles des personnes avec lesquelles j’interagis pour une efficacité générale accrue.

    Always better understand the emotional reactions, mine and those of people with whom I interact for increased overall effectiveness.

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