Congratulations on completing the ten basic lessons of WOMBAT Theory 101. To receive your Certificate please leave your thoughts below …

What was the most important insight you personally got from thinking about these lessons on WOMBAT Theory?

9 thoughts on “COMPLETION QUESTION – WT101

  1. Upon reflection I have recognised many WOMBAT situations in a variety of successful businesses. This approach is a far better and effective way to do business. Look after your customers and they will look after you.

  2. As someone who’d never really thought much prior about ‘selling’, the most important insight I found was how essential it is to consciously audit WOMBAT replication and how crucial and prevalent WOMBATs are in growing or multiplying by ten.

  3. The most important insight for me was that if we don’t identify and track our WOMBAT’s it’s very unlikely we will get any focus on replication or any focus on innovative new service offerings to clients.

  4. As a Service guy (my whole career) I don’t know that any of this is new. The difficulty is convincing those above me to invest in service, thereby driving better engagement and improved retention. I do however always appreciate the opportunity to be reminded of how service can impact the business and there’s always a gem or a reinforcement of a lesson – in this case it’s the reminder that staff will act by what they are measured on. So it’s up to leaders to set the right measurements in order to get the right behaviour.

  5. Referrals from satisfied customers and even better–rabid fans–is the best of all forms of advertising… My biggest takeaway was identifying and tracking the metrics related to our wombats…

  6. WIIFM. In todays competitive environment there has to a value differentiator and that should become a talking point. What is more important is the X10 power of referrals and more goodwill created. Stop advertising. Start paying attention to WOMBATS

  7. The most important insight for me is that customers close sales if and when they receive a valuable proposition from other customers. Related to this, WOMBAT Selling focuses not on sales reps closing sales but on growing three profit streams: WOMBATS (Word of Mouth Buy & Tell), REFERRALS and REPEATS.

  8. Rather than concentrating on “selling”, I must strive to get myself a “seller”. If someone who buys something from me is satisfied, the said buyer will speak about it, spread the word and thus get me more buyers – word of mouth buy and tell – wombat. One wombat creating another wombat and on and on. The product line should be steady; standards and quality should be maintained.

  9. The WOMBAT Theory lessons taught me, most of all, that nurturing WOMBATs is the most economical way of creating new clients – when compared to costs of traditional methods of sales, marketing, and advertising.

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