The War of the Races …

My interest is not only in cognitive neuroscience but also in history and military history and not since Shakespeare drew our attention to the House of Plantagenet’s War of the Roses have we seen a royal quarrel of this historic scale and geo-political import.

Not on Richard III’s Bosworth Field will this war be fought but in cyberspace because it is a content war. A battle for the attention of the global audience in the $6trillion FANG economy.

Only the fittest content survives in the crackling chaos of the world wide Darwinian infosphere; the 24/7/365 whirling, howling, cacophonous wilderness of the greedy grasping content marketplace with its siren songs, ferocious fads, toxic wastes and vicious moods, its callous explosions, its viral plagues and epidemics. Its cruel and sudden extinctions.

We will – all of us – gogglewatch this content war play out on our screens and in our brains over the coming decade … and the consequences are coming …

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Sussex vs Windsor

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The First Strike

History now records that on 7 March, 2020 in a surprise move from Montecito, California, the infamous ‘race card‘ was drawn and played bySussex against Windsor.

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Sussex launched his tabloid media attack with a clever, bingeworthy, global streaming event, produced by Harpo Productions, also of Montecito.


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In his much anticipated attack, the Head of the House of Sussex, Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex, KCVO, ADC moved to turn the tabloid media onto the House of Windsor ominously declaring:

“I am acutely aware of where my family stand and how scared they are of the tabloids turning on them.”


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On 19 March the Queen replied.

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You may watch this space for ongoing coverage of this global content cyberwar that is currently being hyperstreamed 24/7/365 by Amazon, Sony, Disney, and Netflix et cetera. Some interesting questions to be covered are:

Why was the attack launched in Montecito?

Was Montecito a genuine journalism interview, like that of Prince Andrew’s BBC interview, or was it a tabloid ‘fake interview’ pre-planned, scripted and produced by Archewell/Harpo for maximum commercial gain?

Did Prince Harry invite Head of Harpo to his Royal Wedding at Windsor Castle? If so, why?

Who is the mysterious Ben Browning?

Who is the mystery royal that Sussex has charged with racism and when will Sussex reveal the name?

Is Windsor really a racist Royal House?

Is the House of Windsor ‘scared of tabloid media turning on them’?

The Queen claims ‘recollections may vary’. Is that claim true or false’?

Will Sussex keep his gifted titles?

Does the Sussex challenge constitute treachery against the Crown? Is it sedition?

What of Sussex military obligations to his Commander-in-Chief? Have they been dishonoured by his attack? What are the legal consequences? Will he be dishonourably discharged from the British army? Will there be a Court Martial?

Could Sussex ever pretend to the Crown of America?

Show me the money! Where are the commercial interests hidden?

Who are the allies of Sussex?

Who are the allies of Windsor?

What will be the next move by Sussex?

What will be the next move by Windsor?

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