Better Bankers

The fact that my corporation took the time to consider that their employees might value the learning experience around sometime that was not specifically banking. The focus on moving from personal entrenched thinking ie. cvs2bvs (my view is not always the best view and can always use some further analysis). The simplicity of expression used ie. not presented by an expert utilising professional jargon in an effort to show how smart they are and how difficult their chosen profession is.

The bank executive team investing in growing the staff and asking us (giving us permission) to think and stretch ourselves. That we involved outside thought leadership rather than relying on internal sources. That it is ok to think, and to think outside the ‘box’ (to pursue different modes of thinking and to seek different solutions). But the true value of this will not be realised until we can see that the organisation truly values different thinking and ceases to suppress those who step forward with different points of view.

Good to see the bank embracing the idea of being innovative and creative. Taking the time to stop & think about how we think & do things, and how we could do things better. The most important thing that I was able to extract from this campaign was: We have to stop to do what we do everyday to improve ourselves.Thank you for the opportunity, I am still watching TED and following the School of Thinking on internet.

SOT’s short and sharp modules made it easy to digest and reflect on each concept presented. Also, the x10 concept helps to break down mental barriers that we have in place when looking at potential solutions to an issue. It allows for broader thinking and therefore a broader range of possible solutions. We should all encourage creative thinking, but more than that, we should be demanding innovative solutions from ourselves. If we exhibit these behaviours as leaders then our teams will feel as though the have a safe climate in which to they can think differently.

Thought choosers and followers could be engaged through open and honest communication, inviting them to include their input in the decision making process and creating a clear vision of the future that clearly aligns to their role. Thought killers are easily identified and the root cause of their dissaitisfaction needs to be uncovered — this then needs to be resolved or the thought killers moved on.

Identifying developing thought leaders could be done through discussion, observing how staff work in smaller groups and through providing development opportunities and observing outputs and behaviours.

cvs2bvs: Listen to your customers better.

The program really gave me the opportunity to look at things from a different perceptive, there were topics that I felt strengthened my own believes and current practices and some that were brand new to me.

X10 is possible, it is a powerful method. CVS2BVS can be trained and learned. Focus in getting outputs. If we had a few more X10 thinkers in our department then we could let go of some of the clutter and streamline or processes..