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Employees’ Feedback

The fact that my corporation took the time to consider that their employees might value the learning experience around sometime that was not specifically banking. The focus on moving from personal entrenched thinking ie. cvs2bvs (my view is not always the best view and can always use some further analysis). The simplicity of expression used ie. not presented by an expert utilising professional jargon in an effort to show how smart they are and how difficult their chosen profession is.

The bank executive team investing in growing the staff and asking us (giving us permission) to think and stretch ourselves.
That we involved outside thought leadership rather than relying on internal sources. That it is ok to think, and to think outside the ‘box’ (to pursue different modes of thinking and to seek different solutions). But the true value of this will not be realised until we can see that the organisation truly values different thinking and ceases to suppress those who step forward with different points of view.

Good to see the bank embracing the idea of being innovative and creative. Taking the time to stop & think about how we think & do things, and how we could do things better. The most important thing that I was able to extract from this campaign was: We have to stop to do what we do everyday to improve ourselves.Thank you for the opportunity, I am still watching TED and following the School of Thinking on internet.


If we had a few more X10 thinkers in our department then we could let go of some of the clutter and streamline or processes.
SOT’s short and sharp modules made it easy to digest and reflect on each concept presented. Also, the x10 concept helps to break down mental barriers that we have in place when looking at potential solutions to an issue. It allows for broader thinking and therefore a broader range of possible solutions. We should all encourage creative thinking, but more than that, we should be demanding innovative solutions from ourselves. If we exhibit these behaviours as leaders then our teams will feel as though the have a safe climate in which to they can think differently.
Identifying developing thought leaders could be done through discussion, observing how staff work in smaller groups and through providing development opportunities and observing outputs and behaviours.
Thought choosers and followers could be engaged through open and honest communication, inviting them to include their input in the decision making process and creating a clear vision of the future that clearly aligns to their role. Thought killers are easily identified and the root cause of their dissaitisfaction needs to be uncovered — this then needs to be resolved or the thought killers moved on.
The program really gave me the opportunity to look at things from a different perceptive, there were topics that I felt strengthened my own believes and current practices and some that were brand new to me.


X10 is possible, it is a powerful method. CVS2BVS can be trained and learned. Focus in getting outputs.
cvs2bvs: Listen to your customers better.
Better to understand the CVS. Have a clear idea that X10 is possible to achieve.
Thank you Michael, I enjoyed your program. Being prompted to stop, think and ponder. Everything about the program was random — you never received the email at the same time each day or received the same ‘thought prompter’ as others did. Being allowed to express one’s thoughts and creative ideas outside the normal constraints of a work environment. Normally others in the business who don’t agree with you provide feedback to you “that you are different therefore don’t fit the business culture”. Conform or go. The single most important thing I personally extracted from this campaign was the opportunity to tap into my thinking and connect with how I feel about my CVS — both personal and business and consider what I am doing about to make it a BVS. We all have choices...
Now the general steps to get a BVS. CVSTOBVS is daily a mantra.
I can use this useful SOT lessons and X10 training for getting better outputs in my decision to start my own successful business; Finding the BVS and implement the solution with a method.
I have been studying thinking for most of my life, it is always good to learn more about it as there is always more to learn and relearn. This month my focus is on learning to kiteboard, there has definitely been a 10X improvement so far with a 10x to come. The outputs are better health, fitness and flexibility, plus lots of fun.
Accept my words of gratitude for the possibility to be a trainee at your school!!! It is hardly possible to speak about the outcomes as , to my mind, they are still to come. Many of them are unpredictable. The conception of “a CVS is not equal to a BVS” is extremely useful!!!
My outputs from SOT training: When in doubt do something. When you are clear do something. Activity leads or can lead to the change intended. There is always a BVS for any CVS.
I like the thought pattern around what has been vs what could be, thinking outside the CVS. I believe that the vision to look outside what is widely accepted as the normal (the CVS) and challenge that thinking to expand and change it (the BVS) is outstanding.
I'm more into the soft skills thinking eg how does our style drive our knowledge - as opposed to design thinking eg how can our knowledge drive better solutions. So I used the X10 to trigger intuitive insights when choosing how best to use my time during the day. It worked because I relinquished the need to control the details.
One of the things that I now practice everyday is the CVS and then the BVS. Thank you for the opportunity!.
X10 makes you think outside the box and it makes you look at your own thinking and how it can be improved/ modified. The single most important thing would be the CVS and BVS.  I’d not consciously thought about it but have often found that by putting into practice (whether consciously or subconsciously), this thought process has worked really well.
Short, thought provoking ideas

Ability to apply to day to day situations. The whole principle of X10 thinking. Multiply everything by 10 and imagine what that could be/mean.
It has given me insight into how others think also
my point of view is worthwhile, but I need to look outside the box. To be thinking outside the square is OK but you also need to listen to what is being said
 Hi Michael, Thank you for the trainings. Two things I liked most: BVS and be lateral and flexible (in allowing other people’s CVS — even as unfavourable as it seems - to potentially be one’s BVS). The single most important thing that I was able to extract from this campaign was to focus the mind on BVS.  I tend to plan, but circumstances seem to have always got the upper hand on me.  If I keep my mind concrete on BVS and assess ways of getting there, I think the fruitful results would be very sweet.
This training has really helped me in many different ways. The OUTPUTS so far has being very great, amazing and exciting. I have learnt and known that the CVS cannot be better than the BVS and that once a New BVS is known/identified, it automatically becomes a CVS and immidately, the search for a new BVS should begin. And this search is an endless one(hence, the BEST VIEW OF SUITUATION does not exist). I regularly apply the 10x principle and this helps me arrive at better results (at home, work and as a student) faster than normal for it enlarges/increases my views. The joy of learning all these and more is priceless.
and thought provoking videos, particularly TED talks. 
Never except the CVS and always look for the BVS despite the apathy of others.
Good Plan ! I can also, while visualizing the 10x list, say “CVS2BVS” aloud, anytime. I can also do this practice in the morning and before dropping off to sleep.


Understand I can control and improve thinking. This is a great learning.
Has made me think more about my thinking.
I did like having provoking questions that challenged you to broaden your perception on issues and to look for alternatives or even consider a proposal from another party. I guess overall it was designed to make people step back and think more broadly rather than channel thinking in one direction and if more people do that then the thinking is even bigger. I think to be in tune to other ideas and that there isn’t always just one way of doing things, and to speak up as no idea should be treated as silly.
so there is unskilled thinking and skilled thinking and it suggests it is possible to measure the level of skill in thinking….. I am expecting to discover that skilled thinking is considered superior to unskilled, and that thinking outputs such as decisions and quality of decisions have been determined to be better for all sorts of reasons when skill has been applied in the thinking.
There are so many other possibilities for my busines, possibilities that give more income, free time etc and the only thing blocking them is my thinking. I knew that intellectually but had never actually experienced it.
I actually enjoyed the questions, quite thought provoking. I looked forward to the daily questions, a little challenging.
I feel it has opened up my thought process definitely, not completely, but I do feel that I am capable of identifying the “bvs”.  Even though I don’t feel I need to change my cvs at this time, this exercise has certainly proved to me there are always alternatives to every thought and situation.
The single most important thing for me from the program was that there is so much more opportunities by just spending the time with thinking everyday, put it into practice and use some structured processes.
I took the brainpower audit in the spirit of fun & discovery & along the way I found it gave me a pretty good awakening experience. I often tend to think fast & automatically, drawing on my accelerated logic & experiential inventory. I wouldn’t call it a knee-jerk reaction, but more of a habitual routine from years of continual exposure to problem solving & opportunity finding. The audit suddenly highlighted some important aspects which I had often overlooked. For me, this always happens when life gets caught in the fast lane. So, I reckon this audit or any other similar audits would be useful to serve as regular self monitoring checkpoints. A pattern interrupt, so to speak. On the whole, it’s another learning experience for me.
Use the brain software to develop new skills. Lots of useful, simple, but powerful tools (like using the right questions, the steps to get results. I do remember the importance of laughing for example).
Instead of long planning, Do something and learn, analyze, think and do again.
I Think about the results that I want, and Start the work, Do the work, and then Notice whether I am bringing about the results that I wanted. I search for alternative solutions and methods, and am getting better outputs in the areas I apply these tools.
It forces you to look at situations from differing points of view. Showed me that everyone can view a situation differently. I think the biggest thing that I have gained is that there is no right or wrong answer just a difference in views.
The way it encourages me to think of the big picture, looking at situations from different angles. Being encouraged to become more objective and wait before responding, I felt I could be honest. Bad situations are not caused, always, by me. You help me to deal with these situations in a bvs way - I look outside the square.
Fresh thinking- avoiding being stuck in an habitual default approach to problem solving.
Thinking about thinking is not always intuitive- so it was great to be reminded of ‘second order’ logic and to be open to upping the ante on reasoning. As well as challenging my own approach to problem solving, logic and effective thinking, I love the idea that everyone in the organisation has been asked to do the same. If they did I have no doubt the collective effectiveness and productivity will have risen as a result. Thanks!
Being encouraged to think in a different way. Cvs2bvs. Thought provoking.
That Michael actually reads the comments and sends feedback or additional information where appropriate. No one is ever born a skilled thinker. Thinking is a learnt behaviour.

DFQs — Daily Feedback Questions

Unfortunately in my job I never had time to read any of your e-mails. I was really going to try and have a look what this was all about, but I struggle to read all my work related e-mails so unfortunately I miss out of an extra learning. I still have all your e-mails so hopefully I may get a chance to revisit these at a later date.
Some of the DFQ’s were really thought provoking — enjoyed thinking about them. It has definitely made me stop and think about things before I act and to look at things in alternate ways.  However, I don’t think I could quantify any improvement or otherwise at this stage.  Really need to re-cap and go over the DFQ’s again to reinforce and remember the strategies and learnings.
SoT training has been particularly useful in helping me to focus on the specific daily activities required to precipitate the outputs I need (new opportunities, projects and cashflow)
The daily reminders and prompts — ie: small time commitments but daily reinforcement. Well framed questions that made you apply your thinking to real life situations rather than just the theory. What has stuck with me is that even if you think you are well researched, informed and educated that there is always a BVS that is greater than your CVS.  It is crucial to seek a diverse range of opinions as people all think differently and their views are made up of web of different life experiences.
Thank you for the opportunity to complete the DFQ, I have gained so much and enjoyed each session. It is now time to design my own life, I am looking forward to continuing my own awakening… Thanks again…
Hi Michael, I enjoyed this x10 thinking campaign. The emphasis on shifting to a significantly better state (x10) versus a small (or no) change. The articles and DFQs that reveal truths, motives and conditions that underpin thinking and the opportunity to grow an improved mindset by using new skills. An important point extracted from the campaign is for each person to be aware of their thinking behaviour and to welcome the opportunity to try then cultivate new skills that promote better thinking which will deliver significantly improved outcomes. For the business to benefit, an ‘improvement’ attitude needs to be embedded in the culture (behaviour not just words in a values statement) designed to enable the potential of every employee.
The Daily emails meant that you were able to stay in touch and take time out of your day to focus on the DFQs and remind yourself of the importance of moving from the CVS to the BVS. I liked the videos however, there weren’t too many of them — some real examples of what people have done in respect of a specific DFQ and the results of what they had done in the workplace was really helpful.
 For me I always need to be thinking differently and challenging what I do and why I do it. The x 10 thinking is another great tool to use and apply to help us think through situations that we face day in day out both at home and at work. I thoroughly enjoyed it — thanks very much indeed!
Quick and easy to participate. Motivating. Thoughts drive actions & behaviours; and X10 stimulated an alternate way of thinking. If we can train our minds to be alert and more open to alternate options and ideas, improved performance & results are achieved. Thanks for the valuable insights.
Really gave me the opportunity to focus everyday on my own development. I can sometimes become so focused on tasks/jobs and projects that I don’t take a few minutes for my own development everyday.
The content was quite though provoking. I liked that that content was delivered daily. Then the program came to an end — I was really getting into it
Getting a task daily that was diverse, interesting and challenged my current thought processes. Really enjoyed some of video content and reading other participants answers, we all answered so differently.
It has helped me stop and really think about situations prior to acting on them. To listen more too every ones point of view.
Short amount of time required each day, so easy to remain committed. For the effort required, it has had a lasting effect. 
It has made me realise that I am not being true to myself & I needed to explore other options in my career.
Your method suited me ... short introductory article on the subject followed by an 'challenge' to respond. That gave me more than information, it gave me insight. I actually had to think outside of my habitual train of thought. Ouch, the resistance was immense.
Learning at own pace. It is brilliant. I have all the daily lessons in my x10 mailbox so I can refer back at anytime. The way you think can have a significant impact on not only me, but my colleagues and clients. My thinking views have changed for the better after completing x10. I plan to revisit on a regular basis and continue to practise my thinking. The power of 10 is my new thinking philosophy.
Thinking time and the broadness of questions. For me it was more about setting aside  the thinking time.
Most of the daily challenges to think differently. 
Enjoyed the other emails, I suppose you could call them newsletters. To be able to sit outside of any problem or challenge to ensure that all ways of action is considered and what any consequence may be. I am utilising this in my credit assessment especially with the more complicated ones. Daily reminder to be mindful. Daily challenge for creativity. Being present and thinking about things more broadly rather than just dealing with it and moving on.


It was great to be part of this course. I really enjoyed it. A big takeaway for me was to not focus on your own ideas/thoughts on a given CVS but to collaborate with as many people as you can, this way you are getting ideas/outputs to gain a BVS.
I have gotten better outputs from SOT training primarily at work. It has helped me to relate to co-workers and encourage them engage in SOT training.
I am now more aware of others, their personalities, their attitudes and have now become very good at predicting outcomes but am still somewhat trusting as I will always give people the benefit of the doubt unless proven otherwise.
I am in sales , wombat is helping me to sale more easily and build up more stable relationships with customers, on the other hand I am focusing on generating more value to my customers.
Multiply my career by ten by not being satisified with the status quo, by being open to new job opportunities (and more actively seeking them out), by focusing on opportunites within my current position, by improving my personal outputs and encouraging my staff to do the same both for their individual growth and for the benefit of the organisation they are currently working in.
Regular (daily). Reinforcement of positive behaviours WITH call for examples
. A great reinforcement of positive behaviours and dynamic thinking in a SHARED experience with colleagues.
If I spend more time thinking how I can get my project ideas linked to strategic stakeholders I will be able to increase projects outcomes and outputs by 10%.
Thought provoking statements — I thought about them and tried to take most of them on board. They changed by outlook. Small pieces of information at a time building on previous thoughts. It gave me a greater appreciation for thinking in the present and an ability to think about myself. It gave me the opportunity to change my outlook and consider the fundamental drivers of other people.
It was thought provoking. It was interesting reading the comments by other colleagues. Prompting me to think about things in a different way
The possibilities that exist
and the individual ownership  that creates a team result. 
think out of the circle, be confident in going for it with any ideas because they will lead to a more focused view of what you want to achieve.


Feel more relax, confident, motivated and moving fast to achieve big outputs.
I became an accountant — doesn’t that speak for itself. Everything has to balance, has to be right, black and white and no in-between. Luckily a few life changing events — marriage, children, mortgage, default, breakup etc got me to questioning the truth of what I believed. The awakening has begun.
Thank you Michael. How appropriate. Some might see these things under the heading of ‘wisdom coming with age’, but this is clearly ‘wisdom coming with The Awakening’. It just shows again that life is subject to change of course, by yourself. Excuse me now, I have to go and read it again.
How exciting life is awakening this sleeping genius and finding that there really is a Giant within, who has no need to compete but creates new original thoughts, ideas and concepts.
better outputs from this SOT training — motivated me to actually DO rather than think about it, to prioritise activities, and consider the WHY question a lot more
This awakening is a continual process and often I think I’ve got and then Bam! something happens and I have to think again. Awaken again. Thank you for this Michael.
The Awakening … It’s just marvellous… I feel as somebody is looking at me from I don’t know where and send me the words I need in this moment in my life…. I can’t believe it
Thanks to the awakening of this understanding I find myself much more willing, and able, to turn my necktop switch to on, instead of leaving it off and wallowing in the consequences. I do have a choice it seems.
this is way too awakening and pleasant to read, I feel like every sentence is written for me….. or could say i have written these words right out of my heart….. these words are really very touching. i appreciate the person who has written these words, who really understood the way of life and knows how to overcome in the right ways…….. really amazing……
Quite a high percentage of our brain lays dormant from birth. Could this be the awakening our brain has been waiting for
Discovering that we are creative beings and that it’s the non thinking or lazy part of me that copies or competes. Many great thinkers have written that a creative genius lays dormant within all of us. A few discover this creative genius and we enjoy the fruits of their creations.
Recognising that my quest for truth is part of the PTV in me. And the second awakening is what a bore I must be to others when trotting out my truth and evidence and speaking endlessly with my conviction. “Oh me O my”. Hope my habits can change faster in the future than they have in the past!
I can’t remember when it happened. I think it happened over time. But when I had the awakening, it allowed me to be an even happier person than I had been, and I always was a fairly happy person. I also became more at peace with myself. There is a lot of truth in the description of the Awakening written above. It’s so much easier being one’s own person.
When I left highschool I was broad minded, confident, knew who I was and where I wanted to go and/or do and trusted everyone that I came across thanks in large parts to my parents who brought us up in a sheltered environment. I experienced a lot of jealousy, a lot of spite, came across selfishness and many hidden agendas.
Every bad experience in my life has shaped the person that I am today. I have a very long memory, (however my short term memory sucks) and I am also very logically minded. My “awakenings” happen everytime I have a bad experience.
The obstacle to creating a better, more egalitarian world that supports and encourages every person’s highest potential has never been a lack of intelligence. While it is exciting to consider that humans generally use only a tiny fraction of their available brainpower.
My Outputs — Selflessness, Improved Culture, Realistic Growth, Acceptance, a Positive Legacy and an enhanced sense of Well-being.
Delightful insight. thank you for awakening us every day.
I’d like every day to be a new awakening for me — a new life and live that day as best as I can with no dwelling on regrets but rather with what can I do to make the day a bvs for me and those around me.
With due acknowledgment to accumulated ideas and discoveries and many life events, I would pick “socialism” as a key factor leading to my cognitive sovereignty. Although my “awakening” did not happen until many years after my formal education, that education made my awakening possible. And, born into the lower ranks of society in Britain, I think it is very unlikely that I would have had such an education without the social reforms prompted by socialism.
I have had a number of these ‘Awakenings’ in my life. Each time I have experienced one, I have made a change for the better. X10 has not only shown me how to look at things differently, it has also helped me to come to the realisation that it is time for another ‘Awakening’. Hopefully my future ‘Awakenings’ won’t be too far away?
The importance of reawakening my imagination and creativity. Having learned some time ago that on average only 2% of 40 year old’s are still imaginative and creative. 10% of 7 year old’s are imaginative and creative while 95% of 2 to 4 year old’s are. But the great news is that it our creativity and imagination never leaves us, we have just turned it off and can be reawakened even in adults of 60 years and older to at least an 80% level of what is considered outstandingly creative.
Without a doubt, my favourite moment was being introduced to Sir Ken Robinson. Sir Ken’s presentation was not only inspirational, but it also struck a cord with my own educational history. I suffered from mild dyslexia as a child which retarded my growth and ability to study for exams in several subjects (English, History, Geography & the theoretical side of Science) but luckily I excelled in other subjects (Maths, Music, Art, the manual Arts and the practical side of Science). Although this didn’t convince the teachers that I was smarter than they thought I was, I had an inner belief that there was a spark of something hidden beneath. When I matured during my apprenticeship year, that belief became stronger and I started excelling in my weaker subjects and started winning Top Student awards at Trade School. Later in life I went back to full time study (as a mature aged student) and again won Top Student awards at Technical College. I now enjoy life as a mentor to many others.What this campaign has done for me is to re-ignite the passion to put my ideas out there for others to feed off.


In my own job this is my x10 idea:
 Storage Reduction Campaign across all head office sites now we have wi-fi and follow-me-print to allow working more paper independently.  These are the potential results:

Up to 30-50% saving in printing and paper costs.  Open up floor spaces to allow better utilisation of floor areas (eg: additional workstations, collaborative furniture).
In my own job this is my x10 idea: Spoke at recent staff meeting about re-visiting (xxxxx) banking. I believe this is something our small community needs, and this would also draw business from the families involved. These are the potential results: Growth would be slow at first but if successful we could aim to grow our customer base by say 2%
Proposals that were not entertained prior to x10 thinking training: ‘Optimise’ Project Management Methodology. These are the potential (unconfirmed) results: Benefits free up capacity and reduce delivery time to increase project value delivered by more than $4m p.a.
In my own job CVS - I have created an eRoom workflow analytics database complete with dashboard to assist L&D employees to view their current work in progress and be able to identify future workload bottlenecks. These are the potential (unconfirmed) results: The BVS of this tool is to further develop it so it acts as a balanced scorecard and priority tool to align with business priorities and growth initiatives. L&D’s work in progress is currently sitting at an estimated 72% focus on ‘Run the Business - Maintenance’ with only 28% effort focused on ‘Advance the Strategy - Growth’ training interventions. 
In my own job this is my x10 idea: I had many small ideas that I applied in my daily basis to have more quality of life and better relationships with my colleagues. I also applied the x10 to the course I am doing now and it has been very useful. The results: I can tell you I harvest a better communication skill and better understanding from others. My main goal is to improve my creativity at work and in my life.  I am still working on it.
With any new task/project I specifically write down what the Current View of the Situation is, then I write a listing of what the Better View of the Situation is. I also ask others for their opinion. 
These are the potential results:
Higher staff engagement — they now feel included. Different ways to look at the project/task. Offers of help from other staff who then want to be apart of the Better view. 
In my own job this is my x10 idea:
To keep challenging the norm and pitching new ideas. To not be beaten down by the (numerous) naysayers.These are the potential (unconfirmed) results:

Continuous improvement.
I have an x10 idea that has just come to light (but it is still waiting to come to fruition).
I have just prepared a training module specific to our team, but ultimately will be used by other teams. The training is on MS Visio and has some initial generic MS Visio product-specific lessons and a final internal application specific lesson. The Training will need to be repeated at various times within our team, plus as new team members are inducted to our team and also for some associated teams as they come on board with the changes we are implementing. The idea is to record the training lessons and publicise it for anyone and everyone to use. These are the potential (unconfirmed) results:
 The cost will include some software to record screen sessions (approx $200), some input/advice from a colleague at another site who has experience in this area and my time and effort to pull it together. The risks revolve mainly around my ability to learn from my colleague and ultimately deliver the presentation. If my presentation is ill prepared, it won’t be well received and the uptake will be diminished. However, the potential savings include: - Only one initial upfront effort to deliver the training
- Participants can receive the training at their own convenience
- Pause the training & resume or repeat as required
- Return to the training as a refresher course as they start gaining more practical exposure
- It can form part of our team specific induction process
- Even though it may not be as good as a live training session, it is better than reading reams of mind numbing documents
- Other interested Bank wide staff members can still view the training if required (i.e. 2 of the lessons are generic)
- Bank wide teams can adopt this approach to their “repeatable” training modules. 
In my own job this is my x10 idea:

Ask people why not? and document why not?
- Why can’t we identify critical data items?
- Why not the stakeholder we aware of the list of critical data items?
- Why not they describe the data quality?
- Why can’t we measure the data quality?

Potential results:

Giving answer to why not? will make people identify challenges which can be dealt with specifically leading to progress. The CVS is to evade and avoid understanding data. A BVS is to understand the power of data and then harness it!