#07 – Be wise

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Use the crown emoji for The Wisdom of King Solomon or the Wisdom of Queen Elizabeth or any wise person you can find. Where can we find wisdom? Who has the most knowledge? Who has the most experience?


At least 50+ years. Who has seen it all before? Who was there in history? First-hand knowledge? Skin in the game? Consequences? Survival? Avoid the mindless, inattentive and careless ones.

Be wise. Or, find someone who is!


DFQ: How can I be wise today?

Give an example of a message you can send today and post below.

EXAMPLE: ( to favourite grandmother) …

12 thoughts on “#07 – Be wise

  1. (phonecall to grandmother) …

    Be wise emoji: Nan, can I come over to chat with you? I’ve got to make a choice about my career. I had it all planned out but now I’m confused about which way to go?

  2. To a friend: Hey, you’ve been in that area for years and seen as an expert. Could we talk about it? I’m trying to find out what are the fundamentals principles that move your industry. Let me know. Thanks.

  3. to myself – sonia remember the bigger picture , everyone and every opinion does not count , you gotta keep focused and don’t let anyone disturb your peace of mind !

  4. Email to dad
    Be wise emoji: Dad , we are seriously thinking to move to London. recall your experience and think with us , we need your advice.

  5. Phone call to friend (be wise emoji)
    You’ve been in this situation before, what do I need to prioritise?

  6. Email to myself
    This has happened before. When I need to make a decision, it is often better to ask some else’s opinion before deciding. It usually gives me a different perspective that leads to a better result.

  7. Round 2
    Learn how to use together ; deep understanding + good judgment+ clear experience of life

  8. Email to all the retired workers in Australia:

    If you were to start from scratch, with all your wisdom, what would you change about the way things are today?

  9. Be wise emoji: (To partner) We live in a fast paced world; it was not always like this. We need to take stock and reflect on what is happening (with the COVID 19). We need to ask ourselves why and seek out the positives. Remember that we are not alone, this is a global phenomena, and as a community we are more fortunate than many others. Let us appreciate that it is a chance for Mother Nature to have a chance to re-energise, and for our own body rhythms to have the chance to get back in sync. While we practice social isolation that does not mean we hibernate – we use use different means to communicate and stay in touch with those we love and with our communities

  10. Silence is golden. Keep calm and keep on doing whatever is required, in the best possible manner. As time passes knowledge and experience will increase. This includes observing others especially older people, asking the relevant questions and learning.

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