#5 – Be innovative

Easy instructions on how to use the Ten Mindful Emojis:

• Mindful emojis are always put at the beginning of the text message, not the end.

• A mindful emojis is a powerful thinking software for the brain. For example, the black hat emoji “BE JUDGMENTAL” is an algorithm for the deliberate use of judgmental thinking. 

• Mindful emojis can be sent to yourself, others or groups.

https://i0.wp.com/cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0185/5092/products/objects-0057.png?resize=57%2C87&ssl=1 Be innovative

This emoji is for creative ideas. The ideas do not have to be sensible or logical. You can use provocations. You can try things out. You can use x10 thinking to escape from the box! The purpose is to be awake to new ideas. Your career, business, investment and commercial success is directly related to the quality of your decisions. Every day you make decisions that will either increase your wealth or decrease your wealth. Every day you will do things that either create value or drain value. Your choice.

Be innovative.

DFQ: How can I be innovative today?

Give an example of a text message or email you can send today and post your result.

EXAMPLE: (message to Mayor of Melbourne) …

KEY STRATEGY: In these first ten lessons you will learn a simple but powerful algorithm called cvs2bvs that asks two main questions: What is the cvs? and What is the bvs? or What is the current view of the situation? and What is the better view of the situation?

cvs2bvs is also called The First Law of Thinking.

15 thoughts on “#5 – Be innovative

  1. Currently, I need a hook on a retractable handle that I could use to reach the car door when it is open wide enough for me to sit down and move my legs into the car. I have a retractable back scratch-er. I will try that today.

  2. How about politicians answer questions without notice? Deliver speeches of their own? Don’t chase the vote and pose for vote winning opportunities???

  3. watches tell us what the time is, why wouldn’t we design counters to tell us how time is spent.

  4. To dept environment…
    Project to rid ocean of surface plastics well under way. How about a case study of removing rubbish from sea floor around coastline especially in densely habited areas.

  5. Let’s create a global corp of 50+ who’s role is to mentor one or two person starting or struggling in life (and who is not a direct parent).

    It could be a worldwide movement acting as a governmental agency but sponsored by the private sector and/or membership.

    A global mentorship social security.

  6. Email to CEO
    Implement the app. called “track your productivity” or “track your work” ( similar to the track your happiness app ). And employees tell day to day or hour to hour if they are feeling productive , busy , occupied. And aggregate and analyse that data to find the areas , departments having most issues or blockers or constraints and then repeat find constraints – solve constraints.

  7. Why don’t we insist that all university students must work full-time for a year before commencing their studies.

  8. (Be innovative emoji) Email to the prime minister
    Let’s request government officials ask x10 more questions of constituents and tie the obligation to their tax payer funded wages.

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