#4 – Be generous

Easy instructions on how to use the Ten Mindful Emojis:

• Mindful emojis are always put at the beginning of the text message, not the end.

• A mindful emojis is a powerful thinking software for the brain. For example, the black hat emoji “BE JUDGMENTAL” is an algorithm for the deliberate use of judgmental thinking. 

• Mindful emojis can be sent to yourself, others or groups.

https://i2.wp.com/d2trtkcohkrm90.cloudfront.net/images/emoji/apple/ios-10/256/money-bag.png?resize=76%2C76Be generous

American thinker, Mark Twain, said, “Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear”. Of course, just because the generous emoji is a bag of cash doesn’t mean it has to be cash. It’s symbolic. It can be time. An attentive ten minute visit with a friend. It can be energy. A thoughtful good deed or a chosen kind word. Share the good things, pass them on. Offer kindness first. Maybe even twice. But, no need to be a sucker.

Be generous.

DFQ: How can I be generous today?

Give an example of a text message or email you can send today and post your result.

EXAMPLE: (Text to new neighbour) …

18 thoughts on “#4 – Be generous

  1. The context: arriving late at night in a train station in the Paris suburbs with a 6 year old boy and a big suitcase and you have to walk a moment before being at home. Noise of car slowing down then stops: in this deserted place at such an hour, it is not reassuring. The person driving: “Madam, you are loaded and you have a young child with you. Can I drop you somewhere?”

    Le contexte : arrivée tard le soir dans une gare de la banlieue parisienne avec un petit garçon de 6 ans et une grosse valise et il faut marcher un moment avant d’être à la maison. Bruit de voiture qui ralentit puis s’arrête : dans cet endroit désert à pareille heure, ce n’est pas rassurant. La personne au volant : “Madame, vous êtes chargée et vous avez un jeune enfant avec vous. Puis-je vous déposer quelque part ?”

  2. (Being generous emoji) To friend:
    I have some free time if you would like some help with the gardening.

  3. Card
    I know you said no presents but I thought this book was an ideal present for the milestone you have just reached.

  4. Let’s have a chat about this topic. I will buy you coffee . And we can unpack some of the issues ! talking helps.

  5. Friend: I’m looking for a job. Can we meet?
    Me: (generous emoji) Yes

    To be fair, this message has happened both ways along my career.

    Just yesterday I was talking to a friend whom I was helping a few months ago and is now helping me, that most people shy away from people who are looking for help. Yet, when they need help they forget they turned you down.

    The motto should always be: If someone asks for help, say yes.

    Give your time, attention and ideas, it’s often more important than money.

  6. Email to colleague…

    Thank you for your help these past couple of weeks. Your input has been instrumental in moving this project through to contract and I wanted to acknowledge the tremendous work you have provided. Cheers…

  7. Being generous emoji:. Attached is a $10 Starbucks card to say thank you for consistently getting your updates in on time.

  8. Round 2
    When I give some unexpected help to somebody or do somebody a favour, I in fact- rediscover my weaknesses or strenghts.

  9. Email to self:

    I wonder if set an incentive of $1B, each year, to the team that show’s the best innovation towards safety, if it would cause a more than $1B reduction in safety costs.

  10. Some people do good for other people for their good PR. The true test of kindness is that you know that you will receive nothing material in return. Only the inner feeling that comes from generosity.

  11. My dear friend Margaret Nelson passed a few months ago and she was the epitome of generosity. Every year, she collected food, toys, suits, and gave her time for domestic violence victims. She was so humble about it and didn’t brag or bring attention to herself. The focus was always on the charity. That is generosity.

  12. A dear Friend passed away and I took the time to share memories that helped reveal his wonderful Spirit on his obituary page. Even the children were surprised to find how their Father gave to many without fanfare..

  13. Dear Anne, Despite all the challenges I was delighted that we could meet last Friday. It is a lesson for both of us – we don’t meet near my former workplace. I want to enjoy our conversations without the distractions. I am now more aware of the work and personal challenges that you are confronting in your life and if there is anything that I can do to lighten your load please let me know. Take care.

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