#3 – Be emotional

Easy instructions on how to use the Ten Mindful Emojis:

• Mindful emojis are always put at the beginning of the text message, not the end.

• A mindful emojis is a powerful thinking software for the brain. For example, the black hat emoji “BE JUDGMENTAL” is an algorithm for the deliberate use of judgmental thinking. 

• Mindful emojis can be sent to yourself, others or groups.

Image result for emoji comedy tragedy masks Be emotional

This is the emotional emoji. Feelings. The full range from comedy to tragedy. Emotions are important. It is better when they are informing your thinking not just controlling your thinking. Moods are part of life. Are you in an up mood or a down mood? Just say what you feel about the situation without bothering to explain. You hate it. You love it. Say, “I’m being emotional”. Be alive to your feelings. Be wise to your values. They are part of every situation.

Be emotional.

DFQ: How can I be emotional today?

Give an example of a text message or email you can send today and post your result. Remember, when you text, you can put the two-mask emoji at the beginning of your message to show that you are deliberately being emotional.

EXAMPLE: (text to associate) …

KEY STRATEGY: In these first ten lessons you will learn a simple but powerful algorithm called cvs2bvs that asks two main questions: What is the cvs? and What is the bvs? or What is the current view of the situation? and What is the better view of the situation?

cvs2bvs is also called The First Law of Thinking.


22 thoughts on “#3 – Be emotional

  1. My emotional self is strongly influencecd by external factors, which are outside of my control. They trigger a strong emotional response to my internal self, especially if they resonate or offend my values. The current panic buying resulting in empty shelves at the supermarkets, despite efforts to keep the shelves well stocked. It is selfish and, as a community, it shows a willingness to further expose the vulnerable to the likelihood more suffering.

  2. No matter how hard I try to be fair, some people just don’t want to reciprocate. There is no point in continuing the effort if they don’t make an effort in return.

  3. Email to self:

    If only we could chain the Engineer to the Tradie, perhaps they’ll learn to love each other, that would be funny. Then get a ghost of a previous worker to haunt their every move. Or, perhaps we should tax businesses if they have an accident to cover the costs incurred. Not just the builder, but every single entity involved in the project. It might make people think a bit harder about who they invite to work on the project and how risky to make the timeline/design.

  4. Round 2
    From time to time, I must express my strong emotional feelings : when I feel emotional I can understand the meaning of being judgemental .

  5. Why does it take forever for someone to get back with a decision? It is sucking my will to live!

  6. Being emotional emoji: how can we get to each person’s needs without spending 10 minutes boring everyone with the exercise directions.

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