#6 – Be cool

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This is strategic and laid back. This is detached and objective. Here you are organising your thinking about the situation. Cool is for thinking about your thinking and we call this being mindful or metacognition. Strategy is for giving instructions to yourself and others. Cool is neutral. You can be deliberately exploring the subject through the use of the other thinking emojis: Be forensic. Be emotional. Be judgmental etc. There are always better possibilities, options, strategies, tactics, pathways, trajectories, networks and proximities that are available for you to think about. These can accelerate your own personal productivity and results. Don’t be stupid. Reappraise your thinking. Be strategic.

Be cool.

NOTE: When you use the Ten Thinking Emojis, you can put the emoji at the beginning of your message to show that you are being deliberate about using a particular thinking algorithm. 

This deliberateness is important. It's what we call mindfulness or metacognition.

DFQ: How can I be cool today?

Give an example of a text message or email you can send today and post your result.

EXAMPLE: ( to basketball team) …

13 thoughts on “#6 – Be cool

  1. How about practising seeing yourself thinking-in your mind observing yourself thinking.

  2. To self:
    In times like these one needs to follow the rules, yes its inconvenient, and yes it does not follow the normal way we conduct our relationships but the coronavirus is so pevasive and that means these are not normal times. We need to adjust our lives accordingly and do what the good doctor is advising us to do in respect to social isolation. ‘Times are Changin’ but very differently to that of the 1960’s.

  3. Email to self;

    Let’s just ignore all the emotional context surrounding this. If you pass the buck you’re out of the team. Simple as that. There is no excuse for not picking up the phone and asking for clarification, or providing feedback on a flawed design.

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