577 thoughts on “#10 WHY

  1. Why… can’t i improve this? Or rather i why do i spend more time identyfying problems than solutions to them? Some of my workplace problems are bundled into culture (work and social) and managing/strengrhening relationships. I need to try out some options to force a bvs rather than just hypothesising!

  2. My CVS is ‘lack of opportunity’. Why do I have this CVS?
    Meeting needs of people/prospects/customers equals opportunity. I can add value by meeting real needs. I should focus on needs instead of opportunities. I may be able to escape from my CVS by asking the question ‘what are the needs?’

  3. Why?is a big question to ask many about their activity unlike when do you what the bags,but why is the principal so Carlos with his work,why is that girls always go home before cleaning, why is the job not done,why people of such names looks good.,why do I continue to create issues of national significant in other to be recognized by the government of the day

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