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  1. Why do customers not come to my store.
    – Unfriendly staff
    – Not seeing value for money
    – Food options not to their liking
    – Placement in the shopping centre
    – High unemployment there low discretionary income

  2. Why when desiging a new service make incremental
    Why not break the status quo
    Why not ignore the usual way
    Why not do what I am enthusiastic about than what feels safe

  3. Why are some people difficult at work?
    Why do I think they are difficult, why are things making them act this way.

  4. Why do I have a CVS that I am no good a building a business from scratch. Because I have attempted three separate business opportunities in the past, and each time I have not been able to get myself to work consistently to make them a success.

  5. Why is this my reaction?
    – My reaction is an output to the inputs processed by the brain.
    – I process inputs based on experiences I have felt in the past. How do others react, and why?
    – Does the brain overinflate bad things? Why? Should I multiply the good, to counteract, making a fairer comparison?
    – I need to consider the reality of the situation. Is it really as bad as I think, or worse?

  6. Why is this is so difficult ?
    everyday to be aware of your cvs ; and how sometimes the cvs has an emotional reaction ..and its difficult to get over it and try ,try for a bvs……..
    its difficult because I am not that busy, it is difficult because there is high degree of unknown ; it is difficult because the bvs isn’t available in an instant

  7. Why can’t i improve this ?
    I have difficulties in accomplishing some scheduled tasks… I think that both distraction and multitasking are disturbing my actual arrangements. !!

    1. Raj, Nice bundling of the DFQs. Take a focus, such as ‘delegation skills’, and keep working on that with your DFQs over a week or more. Clever use of the x10 training. 🙂

  8. Why do others struggle to meet my standards (as arrogant as that question sounds)? Are my standards unreasonable? Have other employees not been trained well? Do other employees just not care as much?

    On reflection, depending on the employee, it is a combination of all three. The first two can be fixed, the third one is an inherent problem.

  9. Why is this so complicated?

    I know the problem I’m facing, I know the bvs, I know a dozen ways to get there but all untested.

    It boils down to I’m either afraid to do them or I’m overwhelmed by the number and shear magnitude of the tasks.

    Either way, I need to work back from my bvs and break the tasks down to smaller, achievable ones I can put my head around.

  10. Why can’t I improve on the enrollment of the thinking school that I have for children? I am stuck. Here are possible answers:

    1. I don’t devote a significant time on marketing the program;
    2. I am doing other things that makes me less focused;
    3. I don’t have a clear strategy of getting and keeping customers;
    4. I am afraid of failure that’s why I keep another job just in case this work does not prove to be something that can provide me with the wherewithal to live a decent life;
    5. My skills in marketing are poor.

  11. Why is it difficult for me to take action for the personal changes I want?

    Not so easy to escape from the cvs that one has oneself.


    Pourquoi m’est-il difficile de passer à l’action pour les changements personnels que je souhaite ?

    Pas si facile de s’échapper de la cv qu’on a soi-même.

  12. Why do I not write down my goals and refer to them? Quite obvious really now that I think about it… Why do I let fear of failure keep me in my cvs? SDNT: Write 5 short/medium/long term goals I’m committed to within 24 hours. Take action on at least two. Notice any emotional change. Review, re-align.

  13. In my area of management, “why” is possibly the most important question after “what”. Why are we doing this? Why does this organisation exist? When dealing with others in a team, the last question to ask is “how” because that is for them to discover. In my position, if I can’t explain “why” then I can’t get my team behind me.
    If I ask myself why, then it is reflection, if I ask my boss “why”, then it can be clarification or insubordination. If I ask my employee “why”, then it can be intimidation or discovery.
    What questions can I ask myself? (sorry for rhetorical pun)
    why study? why work? why play? why hope? why care?
    Perhaps the asking is more important than the answering but my favourite question is probably “why not”.

  14. Why?is a big question to ask many about their activity unlike when do you what the bags,but why is the principal so Carlos with his work,why is that girls always go home before cleaning, why is the job not done,why people of such names looks good.,why do I continue to create issues of national significant in other to be recognized by the government of the day

  15. My CVS is ‘lack of opportunity’. Why do I have this CVS?
    Meeting needs of people/prospects/customers equals opportunity. I can add value by meeting real needs. I should focus on needs instead of opportunities. I may be able to escape from my CVS by asking the question ‘what are the needs?’

  16. Why… can’t i improve this? Or rather i why do i spend more time identyfying problems than solutions to them? Some of my workplace problems are bundled into culture (work and social) and managing/strengrhening relationships. I need to try out some options to force a bvs rather than just hypothesising!

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