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Edward de Bono, co-founder of SOT and author of Lateral Thinking:

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity there would be no progress, and we would be forever stuck, repeating the same patterns again and again and again.”

Your Daily Feedback Question (DFQ #009):

What patterns can you escape from today?

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  1. Negative self talk, fear of failure and responding in a less than understanding manner to others (ie my loved ones) if things go wrong.

  2. I want to escape from pattern of too fast judgement and answering without deeper consideration of the important problem.

  3. I need to believe that I can achieve my dreams through positive thinking, which will bring about opportunities and positive action. I need to escape from the feeling of being stuck by thinking positively!

  4. When I catch myself thinking in patterned ways, I work to see it in a different way. What if I use my left hand to do the things I do everyday?

  5. I have many patterns in conversation in terms of catch phrases and ways of responding to certain situations and questions, especially at work. I should try to be more aware of what I say and escape from these patterns to strengthen my mind

  6. I will escape from the pattern commonly knows as ‘routine work”. It get’s people stuck on daily basis and gets them to think same old thoughts, do same old behaviors, produce same old results… ALL in delusional hopes of getting out of from where they are to reach where they want to be.

  7. I noticed this pattern of procrastination and how badly it has set me back.I surely would like to get off it

  8. At times I can be introvert. A way to escape that pattern is to be more involved with people. Learn, grow, share moments, experiences, knowledge. Its easy for me to fall into the same pattern as I’ve been doing it most of my life. Commitment, consistency, creativity will be important for me to stay out of the vicious pattern.

  9. Walking past the mini-bouncer with a bar for balance 10 times a day telling myself “I’ll use it later”. “Later” never seems to come so I need to break that pattern for the progress of my health.

  10. Talking too much and not exercising. These are definitely patterns in my life. Most likely I will not quite talking too much. However, I do start the new membership at the gym today. So I guess for now I’ll have to settle for 50% pattern escaping.

  11. It doesn’t matter if I’ve just left school, changed working environment or retired, none of these is an excuse to stop asking questions. There is always something new to learn, to read, to do and experience. There is always another road I have not travelled. I can escape from the pattern of thinking
    I’ve learned enough, done enough, seen enough for now and should rest on my laurels. I am going to escape today and LIVE.

  12. I can escape from the habit of trying to prove myself to others & will rather make effort to develop myself for my own sake.

  13. The pattern I’m learning to escape is to be a better ‘listener’, particularly to my wife.


    At times, my mind is a ‘spinning bingo basket’ of ideas which occur rapidly even when people are talking to me. Therefore, I have a tendency to inject (interrupt) suggestions and ideas to others while they are speaking.

    For me, it is a natural occurrence for me to offer suggestions, but to others it sometimes seems irritating.

  14. I just have escaped from a pattern of reaction.
    In my life when I became mistreated or betrayed or ridiculed o misjudged I just simply quited and go away. No more, now I dialog a lot to see what is behind the problem. Using my creativity to find causes, alternatives of solution y put the best into practice.
    But this is real only when the other person is available, so I first need to sell this change, as we say it takes two to the tango.

  15. The pattern of planning but not following through. Just today I took an action to make plans a reality which is a very empowering thing to do. I have to move from the current pattern of focusing on the secondary thing and do the primary thing which is normally the harder thing to do. Also moving from the pattern of trying to do everything and not getting one thing really well done.

  16. Good question. Here’s the list:
    Hiding out
    Mindless snacking
    Volunteering to be a victim

  17. I´m over-prudent (in excess) and slow to make personal decisions, trying to minimize my own risks. There is the first pattern I must escape from today.

    Second: Believe in my BVS creativity and jump into action.

    ThirdÑ Program myself to find opportunities instead of judging or criticizing.

    Great question!, Thanks.

  18. I am working on this already in my work; trying to analyze things from yet another prospective and then bring in my creativitiy for reaching to a solution.

  19. I start business really well, but never finish really well .This is changing as of today. I know that this is my last chance to make a change to the worlds environment . To be able to leave a better place for my son to grow up in.

  20. An interesting question and to be brutally honest with myself there are no patterns that I can escape from today.
    I, like most of us I suspect, am a victim of repetitive patterns of thought whether I like it or not.
    And perhaps that is why I am here at SOT, just like the rest of us.
    So I will stick with the DFQ’s and see what tomorrow brings.

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