#006 DFQ

Irshad Manji, author of Allah, Liberty and Love:

“Praise Allah for the Internet! With the web making self-censorship irrelevant–someone else is bound to say what you won’t–it became a place where intellectual risk-takers finally exhaled.”

DFQ #006:

What is someone else saying that you won’t risk saying?

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  1. Nothing! I’m transparent often times uncensored with no filter. Although it at times may be problematic I feel I need to be my own person and to speak out about what I think is right.

  2. Self-censorship is always relevant. What we say, whether risky or not, is out there in the world once spoken (or typed). Even if someone else is saying that which I won’t risk saying, I would remain silent. Hearing risk-takers comments may fill me with dismay, or with delight, or even amusement. Maybe I’m a coward, but I’m not intentionally cruel, nor an idiot, and the web is too blatantly transparent.

  3. I am struggling to answer this question. I have not yet stopped myself from saying anything, I am just very selective as to whom I share information.

  4. There are many occaisions when someone else has said what I was thinking.

    Basically I’m a private person and I share my thoughts with people closest to me.

    But when I do speak I speak with regard to others, I do not speak to offend.

    I would say I’m more circumspect when comes to voicing my opinion.

    And I applaude risk takers when it comes to speaking ones mind.

    So by all means say what is on your mind, I can choose to listen or not.

  5. I am happy to say what I truly believe, but you must be in the correct frame of mind before you pass judgement on something and again ask yourself ‘why’ you feel that way in the first place. Emotions can make you say some pretty obscene things at times so you must always be careful abotu where your point of view stems from.

  6. I won’t risk defaming God. Not even on the internet. But there are others who may do so on the internet because there are no restrictions or prohibitions. The world wide web is a place for freedom of expression – more like the Speaker’s Corner of London’s Hyde Park.

  7. The only reason I won’t risk saying something that somebody else might be saying is because a lot of the time my thoughts get tangled up and when I speak, they’re almost hopelessly lost between my brain and tongue, and I can’t remember everything to keep it in context, so, often am left with what I want to say either unsaid, or if it does get out, is left hanging in mid-air only half said. And yet at times I can be a fool who rushes in where angels fear to tread and it all comes out just fine. Go figure!

    I’m doing this course to see if my thoughts can be sorted.

  8. But not enough people say what they really think because they are afraid that they will become ostracised by those they respect. Look at what politicians are saying about ‘political correctness’ – we darent say negative things about any group. What if they deserve negative comments – no we must understand their angst – true, but what about my angst. I feel that it is just as valid as is anyoue elses. Why doesn’t everyone critisize fundamentalist Christians, Hindu, Moslem ……. Only then will the world listen to reason.

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