#006 DFQ

Irshad Manji, author of Allah, Liberty and Love:

“Praise Allah for the Internet! With the web making self-censorship irrelevant–someone else is bound to say what you won’t–it became a place where intellectual risk-takers finally exhaled.”

DFQ #006:

What is someone else saying that you won’t risk saying?

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  1. Sometimes people do things that displease you. Could be the way they carry themselves, rudeness, impoliteness etc. I sometimes don’t address it to them because there is no point. That person has been that way their wholes lives they won’t change. I keep my distance from those people and interact only when absolutely necessary in a respectful manner. That’s what I expect in return.

  2. there’s so much that is being said that I don’t say, more importantly thought is the things that are done that I don’t do.

    Like find a second source of income!

  3. Gerald Kaufman, a British / Jewish MP, has made statements condemning Israel for their actions against Palestine. I guess sometimes I wont risk saying such bold political statements in certain company for fear of being ostracised.

  4. I seek to respect others and won’t say anything that is racist or derogatory toward any group or person.

  5. I would say it would be those lies that I know are lies.That is particularly true of the political system.

  6. Anything and everything that I know to be a lie whether it is about my own self, my skills, my qualifications or someone else. PLUS I won’t say any thing that is none of my business. Everything else – even if does not make someone totally comfortable reading or hearing, I will say.

  7. I cannot think of anything someone else is saying that I am not brave enough to say myself. This is particularly so when what is being said is not hurtful or rude and is of importance to me.

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