59 Second Course – Insight Three

Insight Three of the 59 Second Course in Thinking is:

Insight 03

At any NOW moment in spacetime (n) the brainuser has a cvs

NOW = cvs

The default position of your brain is what we call a cvs which is a current view of the situation. Right here, right now your brain has a cvs.

As far as we know, your human brain is the ultimate product of the 13.5 billion years of the evolution of the universe.

It is possible that one day this may change, but based on all the evidence currently available to us, there is no more extraordinary machine in the universe than the human brain.

The main purpose of your brain, as an organ of your body, is to secrete a cvs from moment to moment. If brains didn’t do this then we couldn’t live or survive.


Your brain has evolved to secrete, moment by moment, a cvs.


39 thoughts on “59 Second Course – Insight Three

  1. bvs would not exist without cvs since it is a necessary part of adaptation that allows us to shift into the necessary bvs according to reality which is the current cvs

  2. The moment our brain secure is our intepretation of ‘reality’, without reality we would not know how to made decisions in our lifes.

  3. We always live in the moment, now ,so to survive and thrive we need the best view of the situation possible so we create a cvs a snap shot of where we think we are in reality but beyond this is a better view .

  4. The brain is accustomed to learning by routine and rehearsal as we seen in one of the earlier lessons. It follows patterns and is drawn to the familiar and the known when faced with new challenges and so it goes straight to a cvs. It is then up to us to move it to the bvs.

  5. Analysis of the moment by moment situation is important for survival. If the brain did not do that, I shudder to think which organ, in the current configuration of the human system would carryout that vital task.

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