59 Second Course – Insight Three

Insight Three of the 59 Second Course in Thinking is:

Insight 03

At any NOW moment in spacetime (n) the brainuser has a cvs

NOW = cvs

The default position of your brain is what we call a cvs which is a current view of the situation. Right here, right now your brain has a cvs.

As far as we know, your human brain is the ultimate product of the 13.5 billion years of the evolution of the universe.

It is possible that one day this may change, but based on all the evidence currently available to us, there is no more extraordinary machine in the universe than the human brain.

The main purpose of your brain, as an organ of your body, is to secrete a cvs from moment to moment. If brains didn’t do this then we couldn’t live or survive.


Your brain has evolved to secrete, moment by moment, a cvs.


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  1. I live in the virtual world created by my brain. This virtual world is created by the way my brain has evolved to process external stimuli into something I can make sense of. From moment to moment I have to make decisions about whether to ‘fight or flee’ to survive. And, whether to ‘feed or replicate’.
    I guess I need a constant cvs stream to enable me to make these decisions.

  2. I live in the virtual world created by my brain.
    My brain is an anticipation machine and a constant flow of cvs… makes it possible to explore the futures that it creates

  3. Michael, I love your description.
    To add another step, from a neurophysical / neurochemical perspective..the brain can only process one thought at a time…so, we live in a sea of “currency”. This allows us to function “automatically”..organs continue to work, daily needs are taken care of..
    What we “allow” into our brain past the physical /chemical barriers controls our viewpoint. (whether it be with no input control or some input control) Hence we can have a happy day or a sad day depending upon our in put controls.
    The” trick” is to be able to control the thought process such that we have the best perspective available to us at any given moment in time. Stopping the continuous stream of the thought process and pausing, allows the change from cvs2bvs.

  4. My brain evolves to process past present [current cvs] experiances.toward developeing a future bvs that instantly becomes my[current cvs]

    It needs to do this to survive in a ever changeing real world we live in,
    it has to think learn create produce get along contribute explain improve solve plan CVS2BVS constantly.

  5. The evolution of our human brain able us you function and move forward in life. But humans we possess and brain that has a thinking machine so powerful to maintain the body of man. Having said this we take note also that the human brain also takes for it uses the very best of the nutrient the the body generate.
    Now why we evolved to secrete moment by moment, a cvs is a simple matter we must survive and we are well placed to do that. Hence our special position we find ourselves as humans. The irony is do we realize it? Not many do know if we recognized this basic fact we could have a peaceful and better world.

  6. Survival. That’s what it’s all about. Vocal output is optional, auditory input is constant, even when you sleep. Ears remain responsive. That’s the sentry that wakes you to face a potentially dangerous current situation. Another example, in avoiding seasickness, the best thing for a beginner is to be able to see the action of the sea. Let the brain do the work without resistance. You’ll lean automatically without even knowing it. You will because… the current view of the situation is changing moment by moment.

  7. Survival in past situations have conditioned us to think and act in a fairly programmed manner. Like code in a program it does not consider the circumstances but simply runs a subprogram it has run in similar situations in the past. It survived by doing this before, the assumption is it will survive by doing it once again without considering there could be a way to make the situation ten times better by rewriting code based upon thoughtful studying of the facts and acting upon the conclusions. If there is little time for thinking we revert to what we have been ingrained to do and usually will still survive but not thrive. Being in the middle of a divorce gives one ample opportunities to try to escape stinking thinking but the more emotional one is in the situation the more difficult unbiased thought becomes. Ah challenges!!!! CVS2BVS

  8. Óur brain abhors a vacuum, and therefore our brain secretes its own percolating predictions into perceptual gaps wherever they occur.

  9. If our brain wasn’t secreting a constant stream of cvs’s then we would all be zombies sitting around waiting for someone else to tell us how to react. (like robots waiting to have our remote controls manipulated)We react to certain situations based on past experiences, perceptions, opinions etc, all which have come about due to a cvs. For the brain to continue to develop, it needs to keep loading up on new information so having a cvs is a starting point for what comes next for us, how we respond and how this might influence our next cvs.

  10. I believe this is about a survival instinct of the brain. Our perception of the world is built on by our experiences through our lifetime and added to moment by moment. The number one emotion is survival. This is our CVS. We hang onto these thoughts and feelings. They are deeply implanted in us even at a subconscious level.

  11. CVS –

    Assessment on how I am thinking and feeling at any point in time.

    Foundation for “should I act to change anything?”

    Love it…easy point to work from instead of always reinventing the thought process.

  12. Presumably to provide the ability to cope with one’s current environment and circumstances and provide the basis for continuing the process of evolution.

  13. I suggest our brains have evolved to secrete a moment to moment CVS because that process was seen to have served us well to date and the switch from CVS – BVS has not been an evolutionary requirement – albiet it would have been a better way. Its only as we have progressed in our thinking that people are realising the benefits of the CVS – BVS

  14. Humanity has evolved from a flight or fight environment to one in which our CVS can be often directed by our “little voice” constant reminder of our fears and hesitations. So our CVS can often just be an interpretation of our reality and our potentials. It is an image of possibilities evolved from years of life experiences. This is why I believe that there will always be a BVS available as long as I am capable of thinking and imagination.

  15. this moments cvs is not necessarily the next moments cvs, if the cvs can and does change it makes even more sense that a cvs can and should be challenged to find the bvs which then becomes the cvs and so on.

  16. We have to navigate in the world/universe we live in, those that failed to do so did not get to reproduce. So once again its all about sex!

    Any given NOW is a perceptual reality and acted upon accordingly. Its a product of our model of the world, our memories of objects in time in space so we can make predictions about the future. The next track on the favourite CD, the next thing he/she is going to say as we listen. Allows us to drive on same road anticipating the the oncoming car wont typically veer across at us on the way to work.

    This permits anticipation and we dont have to reconstruct meaning from moment to moment.

    The NOW is all internal to permit action in an external world.

  17. The brain is always looking for meaning it can use to guide us to first survive, and if we are so self-directed, to succeed. We need to make sense of myriad of sensory impulses which can freeze the brain unless we filter based on what we are already familiar with.

    This filtering not only allows us to focus and flex, but also to flow with the changes in our circumstances and environment. It helps us economise both energy and thinking to ensure valuable resorces at our disposal is available to help us to both survive, evolve and cope with disruptive crises when they occur.

    Learning is moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar. It does not take place in a vacumn. It gives us a starting point which is also the NOW moment.

    The road for change begins with the NOW. Our brain recognises the now to be our CVS. What we do NOW determine the direction we are going to travel. We will only do something different if we seek a BVS.

    What we can perceive from our platform of NOW we can conceive and bring to fruition to influcene our future.

  18. We survive physically and psychologically on patterns. A cvs gives us the reassurance that creating and following a set pattern will sustain us.
    The fact that we are sustained by maintaining the status quo reinforces the idea that the cvs is good. The cycle repeats.

  19. Analysis of the moment by moment situation is important for survival. If the brain did not do that, I shudder to think which organ, in the current configuration of the human system would carryout that vital task.

  20. The brain is accustomed to learning by routine and rehearsal as we seen in one of the earlier lessons. It follows patterns and is drawn to the familiar and the known when faced with new challenges and so it goes straight to a cvs. It is then up to us to move it to the bvs.

  21. We always live in the moment, now ,so to survive and thrive we need the best view of the situation possible so we create a cvs a snap shot of where we think we are in reality but beyond this is a better view .

  22. The moment our brain secure is our intepretation of ‘reality’, without reality we would not know how to made decisions in our lifes.

  23. bvs would not exist without cvs since it is a necessary part of adaptation that allows us to shift into the necessary bvs according to reality which is the current cvs

  24. We are programmed from early on to do things, some necessary some habitual some just because someone has told us too. Some of these things stay with us – I still have to say “excuse me” out loud when I burp, even if I’m all alone.

    Our brain has no choice but to pump out cvs’s because it has been trained that way, just as we train it to switch to bvs’s.

  25. Your brain has evolved to secrete, moment by moment, a cvs.

    Why? – Because it is neccesary for surviving to have a landscape of spacetime where are we insert. Brain needs meaning as body needs air.

  26. we live in the present -unless we perceive the current situation we are enmeshed in it and unable to escape to a better view.

  27. When the first human beings ran around the planet survival really was the name of the game. The cvs would keep us safe from sabertooth tigers hopefully.

  28. this is a self evident we can’t go from tha poit a to the point b withought the existing of the point a.
    but we try in the things we thought about it in the past or even we sense it before or it personal , it is prrocessed in the subconscious mind when we thing use the conscious and the subconscious wich is universal but ower subconscious as a personal universe may be poor
    we knew that the thinking is learnable and there is a strategies of geting right method of thinking with the developement of ower skills day by day.
    thank you.

  29. Our brain has evolved to allow us to interact and adapt to our environment, it has evolved to make our survival efficient.

  30. My brain secretes a CVS moment by moment to give me feedback of my current situation (the now, status quo, the present). This is to enable me judge in full consciousness whether I like the CVS or not, it it can be improved upon to obtain a BVS. If I desire a BVS, I search for the appropriate ladder and scale up X10! As I keep doing this I continue to create series of BVS and changing CVS. I continue to flip the cvs2bvs switch to upgrade situations in my life.

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