59 Second Course – Insight Three

Insight Three of the 59 Second Course in Thinking is:

Insight 03

At any NOW moment in spacetime (n) the brainuser has a cvs

NOW = cvs

The default position of your brain is what we call a cvs which is a current view of the situation. Right here, right now your brain has a cvs.

As far as we know, your human brain is the ultimate product of the 13.5 billion years of the evolution of the universe.

It is possible that one day this may change, but based on all the evidence currently available to us, there is no more extraordinary machine in the universe than the human brain.

The main purpose of your brain, as an organ of your body, is to secrete a cvs from moment to moment. If brains didn’t do this then we couldn’t live or survive.


Your brain has evolved to secrete, moment by moment, a cvs.


39 thoughts on “59 Second Course – Insight Three

  1. My brain secretes a CVS moment by moment to give me feedback of my current situation (the now, status quo, the present). This is to enable me judge in full consciousness whether I like the CVS or not, it it can be improved upon to obtain a BVS. If I desire a BVS, I search for the appropriate ladder and scale up X10! As I keep doing this I continue to create series of BVS and changing CVS. I continue to flip the cvs2bvs switch to upgrade situations in my life.

  2. Our brain has evolved to allow us to interact and adapt to our environment, it has evolved to make our survival efficient.

  3. this is a self evident we can’t go from tha poit a to the point b withought the existing of the point a.
    but we try in the things we thought about it in the past or even we sense it before or it personal , it is prrocessed in the subconscious mind when we thing use the conscious and the subconscious wich is universal but ower subconscious as a personal universe may be poor
    we knew that the thinking is learnable and there is a strategies of geting right method of thinking with the developement of ower skills day by day.
    thank you.

  4. When the first human beings ran around the planet survival really was the name of the game. The cvs would keep us safe from sabertooth tigers hopefully.

  5. we live in the present -unless we perceive the current situation we are enmeshed in it and unable to escape to a better view.

  6. Your brain has evolved to secrete, moment by moment, a cvs.

    Why? – Because it is neccesary for surviving to have a landscape of spacetime where are we insert. Brain needs meaning as body needs air.

  7. We are programmed from early on to do things, some necessary some habitual some just because someone has told us too. Some of these things stay with us – I still have to say “excuse me” out loud when I burp, even if I’m all alone.

    Our brain has no choice but to pump out cvs’s because it has been trained that way, just as we train it to switch to bvs’s.

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