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Douglas Adams, creator of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

Imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, “This is an interesting world I find myself in–an interesting hole I find myself in–fits me rather neatly, doesn’t it? In fact, it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!” This is such a powerful idea that as the sun rises in the sky and the air heats up and as, gradually, the puddle gets smaller and smaller, it’s still frantically hanging on to the notion that everything’s going alright, because this world was meant to have him in it, was built to have him in it; so the moment he disappears catches him rather by surprise. I think this may be something we need to be on the watch out for.

Join the mooc and do your Daily Feedback Question (DFQ #05):

What do you think we need to be on the watch out for?

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  1. ….it’s still franctically hanging on to the notion that everything’s going alright….Well, the puddle failed to figure out why he is getting more and more miniature and became extinct in the process. We need to be on the watch out for CHANGES in our environment and be thinking why they are occurring and what can we do about them?

  2. “…this maybe something we need to be on the watch out for…”

    …Or not

    I think we need to smell the roses more often than we do. And realise that all things sooner or later change/alter into something just as intriguing as the smell of a rose.

    Notice it, appreciate it, adapt and learn. I am here for a short time…live for now.- (this is not something I do well)

    Or not

    The puddle was always going to evaporate someday…

    Change is inevitable. Change is constant.

  3. Taking those we love the most for granted and not actively participating in the change that takes place in those relationships. It is a wonderful thing to be in relationships where change is excepted and expected.

  4. When we become too comfortable, too lazy to look beyond our cvs, we become navel-gazers and our future successes stultify. This is definitely something to be on the alert for, if we intend and expect to move onward and upward to a bvs. A pool has so much more potential than a puddle.

  5. We/I need to be more aware of NOT enjoying the moment. Planning the future is a bit overrated. Why not plan or ‘live the present’ instead, because the future may not be as pleasant as you expect.

    NOTE: At the age of 65, this idea of enjoying the NOW versus not has never been more evident as I witness the physical aches and pains of dying. That is, the process of aging which seems at times wayyyyy…premature.

    “Laugh a lot and do a lot…and don’t look back”

  6. Well lets see. A puddle is a hole in the earth and he believes feel well in himself, but when the sun and the air comes the puddle begins to dissolve in the vacuum. And this catches him by surprise!

    So what is going to happen soon in my surroundings that could make me to be destroyed! Or going back to my true nature.

    Of course it could be my death . Something that is going to happen with out fail and could be here by surprise.

    The wise men say it is wise to think in the nearness of our death in order to live fully. Search for the highest meaning, my dear me.

  7. Many have the tendency to stay put in their cozy world, oblivious to changes happening around. The feeling of being secure in their fantasy protected world makes them blind towards realities.

    We have to watch out for complacency which surely leads to disaster.

  8. Sometimes the current fit is just because it is, not for any deeper reason, sometimes it is. I think Douglas Adams in this case is making a case for the meaninglessness of life. It is good to somehow both enjoy the present (mindfulness – to be in the now) and still consider what is happening and where we are going, this is a difficult balance which like a tight rope worker requires constant readjustment.

  9. We need to watch out for the fact that the world is fragile and just because it seems ok right now things can change instantly. The threat of nuclear war, meteors, natural disasters and the general disregard people have for nature needs to be addressed.
    Technology can give us the capabilities to ensure our long-term survival by populating other planets and expanding our race into space.
    Although I believe that this is bound to happen eventually, there is a lot that we can do to speed this process up.
    We need to watch out for our own long term future in this Universe.

  10. You have to challenge yourself to not be a complacent thinker.
    Small unseen changes are happening everywhere.

  11. For most people in the world, things are not predictable. For us in the West, things are mostly predictable. BUT…All we really have is this moment in time.

  12. We need to check the assumptions we make about things. We are here only for a time and won’t be youthful forever and circumstances change. In the example the hole is not made for the puddle but the puddle followed natural laws to fill the hole.

  13. We can live like in a dream, all fir right to me.

    When one get conscious on the situation in a particular life o life experience, the comfort zone, the one when one think “life fits perfectly well to me”, evaporate with some light and information, Adams call the sun and some heat wind.

    We can take control of our life, that’s what I think we need to be on.

  14. This quote invites me to consider that: Thinking that promotes certainty and rightness of outcome, current position, role, or state of being. Such thinking blinds us to change external or internal so we hold on to what is familiar, comfortable and “certain”

  15. Nothing is static and everything around may change… I think I would like to be change ready…

  16. We need to watch for the change. To many of us go on with our lives/work and don’t notices that there are environmental
    changes happening. Eg: systems, product ,software, weather,hardware, ect.

  17. We need to be on the watch for complacency and not being attuned to the nature of the potential for change in whatever situation we find ourselves in. If not the puddle will continue to get smaller and smaller.

  18. I will watch out for being trapped in my own thoughts and experience. Being connected to the ever changing world and experiences of others open our horizons and challenge our current set of beliefs.

  19. Change. Change in the environment. Sometimes we can be so self-absorbed that I lose touch of the things going on around us. So we need to be aware of it and make adjustments and adapt it. Also, we need to seize the moment and take advantage of every possible opportunities in our life before it passes.

  20. We need to watch for the change. To many of us go on with our lives/work and don’t notices that there are environmental
    changes happening every day every min every seconds.

  21. We need to be on the watch for machines that are (or seem to be ) increasingly intelligent and (apparently) interactive .
    I have been surprised and amazed at the self-serve machines at our supermarket .
    Positionally sensitised to weight and some specific movements , and keyed to accept fully bar coded information about individual products , as you wave them past unseen sensors ……these machines are “aware” if you do not follow a set procedure of specific moves , and a voice (human) tells you so.
    The last thing I expected was that the machine would speak to me , and re-instruct me about correct moves ….so that weight and price details of products for purchase could be recorded accurately , shown sequentially, and finally added up in preparation for my immediate payment by EFT-Pos or credit card.
    But it did ….and immediately I was fascinated by whatever “intelligence” or “smartness” it had …..my attention was immediately engaged.
    The electric bike I ride has a “smart” controller ….a mini computer which is sensitised to understand when a person is pedalling the bike , and “ready” to issue power on demand from a battery …to assist speed and progress for the rider.
    My fridge always rings an alarm beep signal when the door is left open , and temperature conditions inside the fridge compartment begin to change ……
    Computers are now smaller, and even more multi functional than ever before , with greater levels of adaptability and connectedness to phone, and camera signal networks ….and other mainstream larger computers .
    Being on the watch for these things will not warn anyone about them …it will simply alert people to the fact that they are already present amongst us , and are already active .
    It is likely that our personal sense of security in the privacy of our workplaces and homes is already being undermined , and we may find out “too late” that we are indeed being watched
    and audio-recorded …….
    Somebody once said ……The price of a nation’s safety is eternal vigilance ……..We need to be on the watch, to ensure our future safety .
    Such extreme and rapid changes in artificial intelligence combined with computers ,cameras and miniaturisation are already afoot ……it may prove to be vital.

  22. I might imagine in a self-centered way that the world is adapted to take care of me and that it might be called to task for not fitting me particularly well on a particular day when there has been a change in a parameter effecting comfort: temperature, humidity, daylight hours, ultraviolet exposure, ecological environment, when instead, I will get along further by becoming aware of the change, imagining a variety of ways that I can adjust my life style to cushion the discomfort of the change.

  23. I think it teaches one not to build any empire arround any comfort zone wether aquired ( inherited or given), achieved, man-made or natural. However delibrate attempt to know and ‘positively‘ respond to such so as not to be swellowed up by nature out of relevance nor live.
    In conclusion an attitude of ‘ever learning and implementing‘ can not be over emphasize.

  24. Signs – little changes in the laws that have enormous ramifications little changes in health that require early attention
    little changes in attitudes towards others that can lead to racism or sexism
    A the little in seemingly innocuous changes that change our lives forever . Scottish motto BE MINDFULL

  25. we need to be on the watchout for the inherent nature of existence as we view it , we know too little as members of this existence and our understanding is quite primitive still . we as living creatures have to speed up the process of learning by recruiting the best of our minds available and rise above petty selfish motives to speed up the learning process of our species as s whole .

  26. We need to improve constantly, not just when problems arise. It is ok to solve a problem and find an effective solution, but still we need to find and generate several alternatives. That is one of the reasons, I am excited about cvstobvs

  27. I think we need to watch out for normalcy bias. We see and experience what we expect. We sometimes can be blinded to and caught off guard by what we don’t expect, it is outside our comprehension or our realm of possibility. Even when consciously trying to make changes our subconscious has automatic programs that are always running that interfere with what we are trying to accomplish.
    Question everything!

  28. To be successful we need to recognise the gaps in our community and be trained in the skills we can offer. To be swallowed up in our owns elf-image would be a just reward for such a selfish attitude, and would certainly not “make friends and influence people”. We cannot succeed in an insular bubble. We need to beware of complacency.

  29. we need to realize that a view we hold now and which may work now, may not be appropriate as conditions change. There is a problem when the current position is held past the time when that view was made obsolete. That is what we have to watch out for.

  30. It may seem to you that everything is alright.But it is very important for you to reflect on the situation and changes around you every now and then, not only to be a leader in the change but also understand the actions for survival.

  31. From the day I was born I begin the dying process. Sitting down on my arse waiting for something to come along is wasting the time left to achieve greatness. When it’s gone it’s gone. Time to be fully alive and get out of the comfort zone. Time to create a great meme!

  32. Comfort zones, we need to watch out for these! Apparently a lot of our success in achieved at the end of our comfort zones.

  33. Change is inevitable. What is crucial today might very well be obsolete tomorrow, We must always be alert to the direction of change.

  34. The obvious answer here is a parallel with the environment, but I think the problem goes deeper. Germany in the 1930’s saw Hitler as the way out of their poor standard of living. He provided leadership and promised growth and better times. Before they new it he had led them down a path of evil that was difficult to escape from.
    Current world politics is not so different. Economically we are uncertain of the future. It is easy to place the blame for this on others, when in reality we have become a “have it now, pay for it later” society. We have forgotten the true values of life and replaced them with things.
    Our politicians are only too happy to feed this greed to satisfy their own need for power. It is this we need to be mindful of.

  35. The environment in the broadest sense, has become so uncertain that I am not sure that we can anticipate what’s next. What I think we need to do is to build the kind of security that will enable us to respond to uncertainty and manage change. This means that we need to build reserves.

  36. After nearly 35 years of my business, I am constantly “watching out” for everything. Sometimes maybe “too” vigilant. The mentality of thinking everyone is a potential threat is common among my kind. The biggest threat most of the time seems to be to remember that there are many threats from the inside of the group. Not really physical in nature but social, economical, and political. The old saying of “You have to go along to get along” is not always the best route.

  37. Sadly Douglas Adams is no longer with us. Otherwise I would ask him for the sequel to “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. My point here is that I think we need to on the watch out for a narrow frame of mind, or a limiting set of beliefs that only take us “around this galaxy”…

    As I mentioned in DFQ#4, it was less than one hundred years ago, that the best astronomers among us thought that the Milky Way was our ONLY galaxy…so I suppose that we can forgive Adams for using such a “limiting” title. He did of course provide us with something to whet our appetite: He gave us the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. What a trying time is must have been, waiting 7½ million years for the supercomputer Deep Thought to compute and check the answer!

    Moore’s Law (roughly paraphrased to suit my own agenda!) states that computing power doubles every 18 months. It shows no signs of abating, after more than 30 years. In another 15 years, computers will be 1000 times more powerful. Still, the human brain remains the most complex entity in the universe (that we know of). The human brain CAN keep up with Moore’s Law…we just need to be watchful and mindful that we harness both our own minds and the power of technology.

  38. I think we need to be on the watch out for holding on strongly to an idea/belief. If we do that, we may deny evidences that prove our idea/belief wrong.

  39. We need to watch out growth and not get stuck in our views and concepts, our comfort zone.

    We need to have an open mind somtimes.


  40. Watch out that we don’t spent our time on this planet just asking stupid questions. Watch out we are not falling asleep. It is not about you. Everything is as it is. Be brutally honest with yourself and open your eyes.

    Slap ourselves up and wake the hell up.

    You are not a puddle nor you are you. You are just awareness.

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