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What has been your own personal experience with X10 Thinking?

If you were asked to tell a friend what the most valuable thing you have taken away from these X10 Thinking brain apps, what would you say it was for you personally?

336 thoughts on “Your Personal Experience!

  1. I would say I learnt how to continually push myself to question my briefs that may hinder my decision making process and always search for a BVS. I would tell them about all the codes and how they help you get to the BVS and what the tools are to change your thinking habits

  2. Developing an understanding that no one is born a skilled thinker and with the right tool-set (Brain software provided by the SOT courses) that with PRR any CVS2BVS is achievable.

    Keep thinking!

  3. Repeating the course and doing the homework. No matter how much I understood–there are always new insights and areas to apply x10, prr and SDNT. I still have more to learn on QRH.

  4. It has been the best piece of information that I have ever received in terms of stimulating the self growth process.
    Any challenges can be overcome by the CVS to BVS method of thinking. However, my awareness to my QRH styleware will assist me in making strides in my career development and change the manner in which people perceive me. I am willing to create the change, X10 !!!!

  5. Through the training I have been able to go where I wanted to go more efficiently and successfully.If one initiative is good nine more give more power to the outcome.
    Further, X10 training gave me freedom to value other peoples point of view and see the world in shades other than black and white.

  6. X10 thinking helps in the creation and assessment of what is important to an outcome – to recognise where being busy is not necessarily value adding.

  7. be prepared to challenge your perpective on every day thinking & be satisfied you got the best result.

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