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What has been your own personal experience with X10 Thinking?

If you were asked to tell a friend what the most valuable thing you have taken away from these X10 Thinking brain apps, what would you say it was for you personally?

336 thoughts on “Your Personal Experience!

  1. CVSTOCBS it´s what I find very valuable and useful. The promise of X10cvs is a grat motivator, and it is very posible and easy to access. There are better ways, more then one.

    Also understand the important roll of focusing the attention makes big difference ton find better solutions

  2. Personally life is given to us but not survival. but to survive we must act , and before we can act we must know the nature and the purpose of our action . to remain alive we must think and the choice of our thinking affect our life so SOT should be the first school a child must be introduce to and l am personally GRATEFUL TO SOT. THANKS MICHEAL

  3. My thinking has certainly improved. I view the world in a more focused way. I can interact better with other people and can explain my point of view much better.

  4. I now reflect more on all aspects of my life and found that I am constantly opening new pathways by looking at things differently.

  5. The most valuable experience that I have had with SOT is that the daily thinking exercises have stimulated a flow of new growth in my own self and my ability to handle challenging situations. It seems like there is an unconscious ability to focus on the positive aspect of all experiences. This has been helpful in achieving the wanted or ideal outcomes in most of the scenarios that I face on a daily basis.

  6. Taking a few minutes for myself each day to quiet my mind, stop the chatter and focus – on what I really want and the pathway to achieve it.

    For a while I have been coasting – the easy path, the path of least resistance. I am now assessing with my eyes open – what do I WANT and HOW do I get it?

  7. Everyday, the truth is staring us in the face – we just need to keep our eyes wide open. Thanks to the School of Thinking, I have been able to achieve just that!

  8. The most valuable thing I took away from SOT was the ability to be more open-minded especially through use of CVS to BVS. This technique short-circuits our natural inclination to judge and hold firm to opinions, instead forcing us to look for alternatives and ways of improvement. In love the creativity, positivity, and overall thinking ability this provides.

  9. Discipline in thinking – always looking for a BVS. Above all DO SOMETHING. You can think all day but nothing happens until you DO SOMETHING.

  10. For me, it is cvs2bvs. I use it all the time across all aspects of my life. I am refusing to settle for less than 10 times better when I am looking to change or improve any situation. I keep thinking and looking until I have an answer that I believe is 10 times better.

  11. My own personal experience is knowing how amazingly simple something so powerful is, and what a difference it’s making for me.

    I already have shared my experiences with a few people (plus SOT website), telling how SOT has taught me CVS to BVS to X10, bringing greater time management and building confidence. Although I still have a way to go, I’m on the road to a far better thought process than I ever imagined possible.

    Thank you all, at School of Thinking.

  12. I have enjoyed the SOT lessons because it has encouraged me to ‘think’.

    To think about thinking in a way I had not considered and to expand my cvstobvs.

    I think the ideas discussed in each lesson have given me a new outlook on life and there are certainly opportunities for me to develop and change my approach to life.

    I have already shared the WOMBAT book with a couple of my work colleagues.

  13. I really enjoy my thinking in the SOT,Because it change my CvstoBvs,and made me do the thinking effectively,with this i will say more gress to SOT there enbow.thank you all.

  14. As a sales and marketing professional the WOMBAT book techniques and the CVS2BVS concept has been indispensable. Can’t wait to learn more!

    Thank You!

  15. Just thinking about how I think has been valuable. Thinking about my self limits is enlightening.

  16. SOT helps me as it motivates the thinking related to the situations and also force to think freely to test the purpose of CVS to BVS it allows to look for alternatives

  17. X10 thinking helps in the creation and assessment of what is important to an outcome – to recognise where being busy is not necessarily value adding.

  18. Through the training I have been able to go where I wanted to go more efficiently and successfully.If one initiative is good nine more give more power to the outcome.
    Further, X10 training gave me freedom to value other peoples point of view and see the world in shades other than black and white.

  19. It has been the best piece of information that I have ever received in terms of stimulating the self growth process.
    Any challenges can be overcome by the CVS to BVS method of thinking. However, my awareness to my QRH styleware will assist me in making strides in my career development and change the manner in which people perceive me. I am willing to create the change, X10 !!!!

  20. Repeating the course and doing the homework. No matter how much I understood–there are always new insights and areas to apply x10, prr and SDNT. I still have more to learn on QRH.

  21. Developing an understanding that no one is born a skilled thinker and with the right tool-set (Brain software provided by the SOT courses) that with PRR any CVS2BVS is achievable.

    Keep thinking!

  22. I would say I learnt how to continually push myself to question my briefs that may hinder my decision making process and always search for a BVS. I would tell them about all the codes and how they help you get to the BVS and what the tools are to change your thinking habits

  23. Performing the daily DFQ’s provides an opportunity to think about how one thinks. I found the value of the lessons was taking the time to think about my own thinking.

  24. It is the change of perception from the absolute truth in the way I see the world to constant improvement. By using the SOT Brain Software which includes:

    The SDNT Search Engine: Start-Do-Notice-Think.

    The CVS2BVS Cognetics Operating System: Current View of Situation To Better View of Situation.

    The QRH Styleware: Quality-Recognition-Humour.

    The PRR (pee double are) Personal Trainer: Practice-Repetition -Rehearsal.

  25. Doing anything new requires extra work (PRR) to acquire this new skill, once the DFQ has become the normal for me it was no problem to take time out to think about my replies. I have enjoyed the process and find I think about things and my actions a lot more, activating my brain just to think more is what I have taken away from thing training, I can now follow these processes learnt from the training and DFQ for any situation I may encounter.

  26. The X10 Thinking Brain Apps helped me to be aware of any boundaries or unnecessary expansions that might exist and to either push out or contract as the need may be. I also learned to become aware of and search out alternatives that might be better than the current situation

  27. My own personal experience with X10 has been almost unmeasurable! I have done more than I ever believed I could achieve just by using the X10. To double is not good enough, to X10 is the only way.
    There were a number of goals in my life which I believe were almost unreachable before this training, since then I have not only taken huge steps towards these goals, I have gone above and beyond what I expected.

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