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What has been your own personal experience with X10 Thinking?

If you were asked to tell a friend what the most valuable thing you have taken away from these X10 Thinking brain apps, what would you say it was for you personally?

336 thoughts on “Your Personal Experience!

  1. My own personal experience with X10 has been almost unmeasurable! I have done more than I ever believed I could achieve just by using the X10. To double is not good enough, to X10 is the only way.
    There were a number of goals in my life which I believe were almost unreachable before this training, since then I have not only taken huge steps towards these goals, I have gone above and beyond what I expected.

  2. The X10 Thinking Brain Apps helped me to be aware of any boundaries or unnecessary expansions that might exist and to either push out or contract as the need may be. I also learned to become aware of and search out alternatives that might be better than the current situation

  3. Doing anything new requires extra work (PRR) to acquire this new skill, once the DFQ has become the normal for me it was no problem to take time out to think about my replies. I have enjoyed the process and find I think about things and my actions a lot more, activating my brain just to think more is what I have taken away from thing training, I can now follow these processes learnt from the training and DFQ for any situation I may encounter.

  4. It is the change of perception from the absolute truth in the way I see the world to constant improvement. By using the SOT Brain Software which includes:

    The SDNT Search Engine: Start-Do-Notice-Think.

    The CVS2BVS Cognetics Operating System: Current View of Situation To Better View of Situation.

    The QRH Styleware: Quality-Recognition-Humour.

    The PRR (pee double are) Personal Trainer: Practice-Repetition -Rehearsal.

  5. Performing the daily DFQ’s provides an opportunity to think about how one thinks. I found the value of the lessons was taking the time to think about my own thinking.

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