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  1. Bubble Tea 🙂

    Also, I’m looking forward to the certificate at the end of the 50 lessons!

    This information is a helpful reminder that it is more effective to work towards a reward than away from things you don’t want.

  2. What reward will you give yourself for finishing this series of SOT lessons?

    The reward of starting over this course. This time using my notes that I took along the way.
    The reward of declaration publicly that finishing this course is merely obtaining an awareness of a school of thinking that has merits and worth investing in further to move towards internalization of the subject or incorporating it into other school of thoughts that I am also leaning.

  3. I will reward myself by implementing a 100 days plan to review daily the lessons of SDNT, CVS2BVS, QRH, PRR, and to record the daily events and circumstances that I faced where I have benefited from applying the lessons of SDNT, CVS2BVS, QRH, PRR. They will be my personal case studies.

    Recently, I suffered some losses due to the fact that I have not enough PRR of the knowledge that I have acquired (knowledge is only surface deep and has not become part of my instinct). I applied CVS2BVS to minimize my losses by working out a plan and initiating a SDNT. The lessons learned from this negative experience has motivated me pursue the personal goal of QRH.

  4. A sense of having learned something worthwhile. Your book, Michael, which you offered to us, I’m currently reading – it will help me in my business I believe.

    Interestingly, I read or partly read the newsell concept quite some years ago and I wasn’t ready for it then, but I am now.

    Thank you for making SOT available to us.

    Paul Herring

  5. I would like to reward myself with more training. This is, as mentioned, just the beginning, & I have proven (at least to myself) that I can do this & much more. The growth needs to continue; I need to improve.
    As someone once told me (apparently a Polish proverb), we spend a lifetime learning & then die stupid.

  6. The reward that I will give myself for finishing this series of SOT lessons is a back massage.

  7. The reward I gonna give to myself for finishing SOT lessons is a continuous practice of the principles that I learned starting from this very moment and continuing till end of my life on earth 🙂
    2nd reward that I think I deserve after this persistent hard work will be: drink a full cup of red wine with a close friend tonight and said cheers! 🙂

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