237 thoughts on “#075 DFQ

  1. I will not be giving myself any sort of physical rewards but to me it is something better, it is the feeling of satisfaction and completion and the thought that I will now be able to approach certain things with my new skills.

  2. Certainly being able to use these skills in my life is a good reward for completing this training, but hey an extra chocolate biscuit with my afternoon cuppa will taste just that little bit sweeter. 🙂

  3. I intent on rewarding myself with opportunities to use the skills I have worked on with the SOT course. I will look for ways I can utilise the skills and work on improving these skills to bring more reward 🙂

  4. My reward will be to put into real life practise all of codes that we have learnt on this journey. I want to ensure these become everyday tools that everyone in my business will use, will be encouraged to use, and encourage others to use.

  5. My reward: I would admit that few people try to do something about their thinking and I am proud to be among them.

  6. I’ll probably share this information with my husband and close friends. Why should I give myself any rewards for this?! The reward is the very information and I shall get back to it again and again… I shall gladly learn and improve my thinking skills. Thank you for this opportunity!!!

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