#074 DFQ

PRR Personal Trainer: Planning Your Own Rehearsal. There must be something coming up for you soon that’s really important for you to try and get an excellent result for yourself. Here’s a chance for you to use PRR to plan a rehearsal and increase your chances of getting the result you want.

WHAT: What is the situation that you’d like to rehearse?
WHY: Why is this important to you?
WHEN: When will it happen"
WHO: Who else, if anyone, should be involved?
HOW: How do you plan to do your rehearsal? How many times will you rehearse?
WHERE: Where is a good place for you to rehearse?

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  1. What: thinking skills

    Why: cvs2bvs

    When: early October

    Who: myself

    How: daily practice, 8hrs

    Where: home

  2. My PRR is the treatment of waste water from an aquaculture recirculating enclosed system for the grow out of coral trout. Involve with this will be fish experts, waste water experts and my business partner. This will happen later this year and be necessary to de risk the business of potential EPA licensing problem which will hinder capital investment opportunities.
    We will first carry out a trial on a small system with a cheap fish and over the next 4 cycles, increase the size of the tanks and the volume of fish. This should all be completed here in Victoria before commencement of the initial plant in Cairns.

  3. This incident involved my youngest son.
    WHAT: He’s eight years old and I got him excited about a kid’s TRYATHLON.
    WHY: First time competing in such an event.
    WHEN: It’s happened, had six weeks to prepare.
    WHO: Me and my son.
    WHERE: At the actual event location. We have access to the location just didn’t have the exact layout.
    This is important to me because my son was understandably getting anxious on the day. I got him to walk around with me looking for signs and talking through what will happen. He ended up having a great day and will nominate again next year.

  4. I have no important career events coming up but I do have a personal BVSl that I am targeting, that to reach needs PRR:

    What: Completing a round of golf with a score of 90 or less
    Why: When I started playing 3 years ago my BVS was to be able to play off a handicap of 18
    When: Dependant on PRR
    Who. Myself and my newly appointed golf coach.
    How: I have asked my coach to give me 3 things at each lesson to work on. In-between lessons I will spend 10 hrs on PRR of the 3 areas I need to improve.
    Where: Both on the range and out on local courses.

  5. — WHAT: Photoreading recall
    — WHY: Want to be able to access information I photoread
    — WHEN: Today through May 5th
    — WHO: Just me
    — HOW: Photoread 3 books a day and create a mind map of the key points of the book
    — WHERE: Will practice in my home office, on the train and at work. (I want to be able to use the skill any where.)

  6. What – The taking over of a new position within the company.
    Why – It takes me a step further in my journey of self-development.
    When – It will take place within the period of 3 months.
    Who – My bosses and all those that I work with closely within the company as well as our customers.
    How – Much has to do with imagining it on a daily basis, as well as taking the step in acting as I am already in that new position.
    Where – During my hours at work, as well as in my mind when I am away from work.

  7. – WHAT: What is the situation that you’d like to rehearse?
    I want to integrate reverse breathing into my meditation sessions

    – WHY: Why is this important to you?
    Will give me more variety to meditate and is an exercise to slow down and help me to think better and easier.

    – WHEN: When will it happen"
    Several times in a day. But follows a simple structure: wake up, driving to work, immediately before work, lunchtime, every time I go to a restroom, before bedtime.

    – WHO: Who else, if anyone, should be involved?

    – HOW: How do you plan to do your rehearsal? How many times will you rehearse?
    Five to eight times a day with a duration between three to five minutes.

    – WHERE: Where is a good place for you to rehearse?

  8. WHAT?: To Change my CVS to BVS. WHY?:In other to be mindful of my thought. WHEN?:of recent or letter in the future.WHO: my intiative.HOW:to achieved BVS in other to be positive.WHERE:in a suitable place.

  9. What: makeup
    Why: to look appropriate for occasion such as wedding party
    When: this weekend
    Who: friends who have experience with makeup or youtube videos
    How: buy the products and apply them. once a day until the weekend
    Where: home

  10. WHAT: New Product Training Session
    WHY: Improve Staff knowledge of product
    WHEN: 3 weeks time
    WHO: Product Manufacturer
    HOW: Rehearse 10 times – more if not happy with progress
    WHERE: At home,in office and in car.

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