#074 DFQ

PRR Personal Trainer: Planning Your Own Rehearsal. There must be something coming up for you soon that’s really important for you to try and get an excellent result for yourself. Here’s a chance for you to use PRR to plan a rehearsal and increase your chances of getting the result you want.

WHAT: What is the situation that you’d like to rehearse?
WHY: Why is this important to you?
WHEN: When will it happen"
WHO: Who else, if anyone, should be involved?
HOW: How do you plan to do your rehearsal? How many times will you rehearse?
WHERE: Where is a good place for you to rehearse?

213 thoughts on “#074 DFQ

  1. What : Situation appraisal and problem solving skills.
    Why : To better myself in complex situations.
    When : Ongoing
    Who : Myself with guidance from my personal board of directors.
    How : To sit down and use various tools learned through SOT and ensure that all possible causes have been identified.
    Where : Everywhere and every situation I am in.

  2. — WHAT: State Track Cycling Championship
    — WHY: A personal goal
    — WHEN: Feb 2016
    — WHO: My coach
    — HOW: Follow a training plan, practice 5-7 days a week
    — WHERE: On the road and track

  3. What: Bike ride 100KMs a day for 10 days
    Why: Trip with friends and personal challange
    When: in 2 months
    Who: 4 Friends and I
    How: Incremental practice each week extending training
    Where: At home and hilly areas

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